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Santa Claus' Whip?

Is Master Santa Claus reading to deal out some serious Christmas punishment to bad girls and boy?

Women Worshiping Man

Vintage clothing ad that captures maledom fantasies of female submission.

Obey! The Dominatrix

Woman holding a girl on a leash - BDSM elements in a late 1990s guitar advertisement.

(Free) Thorough Spanking (Free)

Coupon good for one spanking by Mister Master. Fellatio optionally included.

Keep Her Where She Belongs ...

Retifist ad: woman on the floor engaged in shoe worship.

Chained to the Bed and Ignored!

Ad showing male too excited by Gameboy to pay attention to the woman he has locked in bed bondage.

Blow Smoke in Her Face

Do you want a man to blow cigar smoke in your face? To blow smoke into a woman's face?

He Walks All Over Her

Man standing on woman who has been turned into a rug / carpet (trample fetish).

Mistress Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones as a dominatrix type woman holding some sort of corporal punihment device.

Foot Domination

Movie ad that shows a man on his back on the floor under a woman's foot.

Show Her It's a Man's World

Submissive wife serving her tie-wearing husband breakfast in bed.

Husband Spanks Wife

Should a woman be punished by her husband for buying the wrong brand of coffee? Domestic discipline fans might say yes.

Wonderbra Wonder

Dita von Teese: Brassiere advertisement third most sexy ad ever?

Maidenform Dreams

I don't know that one would find a weirder, more odd bra ad.

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