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Five Housewives

Bill Ward spanking cover. A Dr Guenter Klow Library Selection. A Documentary Casebook.

Life in Bondage City

Vintage M/f BDSM paperback novel with Bill Ward cover art. Bondage City by Willa Hofner.

Her Master's Belt

Vintage Bill Ward BDSM, Maledom art. Rose Mary Chevrotine.

Public Sadism

Young man cruelly beating a woman in a public park. Bill Ward sadistic illustration.

Obey the Rules

A unique Bill Ward paperback book cover featuring a stern woman holding a ruler lecturing a young girl.


A slender - ! - Bill Ward woman visits a massage parlor, perhaps for kinky thrills.


Voyeurs, weird men who get their kicks secretly spying on women.

Wild Party!

Bill Ward slightly sleazey glamour style paperback cover.

Biting into the Bizarre

Another cruel Bill Ward cover.

The Widower's Torment

Bill Ward femdom spanking paperback cover art.

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