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Ruthless Men With Whips

Men threaten a woman with a whip on the cover of the Dutch edition of Cult of Lost Gods.

Satan Press Sadism

Did you read Bachelor's Degree in Spanking, Deviant Master, Discipline Manor, Night Riders into Sadism?

The Leather Lover and the Rubber Devotee

The Kinky Crowd Volume One: Leather Lover and the Rubber Devotee, Luxor Press fetishist exploitation yellowback book.

Bandit in High Heels

Exotique Publication: two women, perhaps F/f bondage and D/s. Bandit in High Heels.

Flagellation Sexualis

Flagellation Sexualis : vintage collection of spanking photographs with a pseudoscientific title.

The Sexual Lash

The Sexual Lash - vintage BDSM flagellation book.

School for Suffering

Satan Press bondage cover photograph.

The Stock the PIllory and the Post

Satan Press bondage photograph cover. By A. de Granamour.

Sisters of Satan

Satan Press cover photograph of a woman tied to the bed and spanked with a cane.

Sexually Active Bondage

Woman in chains on the cover of a volume in Beeline Books' Carnal Captives series.

Hugo Paul Little: Spankings, BDSM, Fetish, Kink

Hugo Paul Little under many names wrote novels, stories and case studies on spanking, sadomasochism and seduction.

Glenda Gets Hers

Vintage bondage, BDSM erotica in the Bound Beauties series.

Hit Her Harder!

Girls spanking and fighting.

Spanking Stepfather

Vintage spanking erotica: sadistic stepdad spanks his stepdaughter with a belt.

Spanish Inquisitors

Historical BDSM fiction set in the Spanish Inquisition.

Sensual Slave Girl

Young woman helpless in a mansion being menaced by chauffeur, maid and an older man.

Chained Coed

Vintage college girl in bondage BDSM cover art.

The Big Whip-Off

Sadistic woman has two naked young females bound, at her mercy. Vintage F/f BDSM paperback cover art.

Branding Iron Sadist

Vintage BDSM book cover showing a female slave being branded by her Master. Sex Brutality Series.

Bound for Revenge

Vintage F/f bondage - one woman has another helpless, on her knees and at her mercy.

The Whip Hand

Vintage sleazy BDSM paper back cover art.

A Clear Look at SM Philosophy

Dr Guenter Klow's book on consensual sadomasochism: Spanking and ...

Neighborhood Bondage and Domination Party

Vintage suburban sadomasochism, BDSM fetish party.

Roxana's Flogging

Spanking cover of cheap, trashy edition of Daniel Defoe's 18th Century novel, Roxana.

Prisoner in Lebanon

Vintage BDSM erotica suggestive of contemporary events in the Middle East. Female Prisoner Series.

Whip Me Hard

Vintage BDSM novel cover of a female sadist whipping a bound woman.

My Victims Beg for Mercy

Vintage BDSM erotica with spanking and bondage cover art.

Jail Bait Bondage

Sleazy vintage BDSM novel cover showing two women bound together.

English Discipline

English Discipline - vintage corporal punishment novel's photo cover.

Prison Girls

Lurid BDSM paperback cover of a Women in Prison porn novel.

Mike Shanye Bondage

Vintage American hard-boiled private eye woman in bondage cover art.

Hank Janson Bondage

Vintage British crime novel woman in bondage cover art.

Diary of a Masochistic Housewife

Photo cover of a vintage BDSM book promising the confessions and stories of a female masochist.

Demon Bitch's Punishmen

Vintage supernatural sleazy BDSM paperback from Satan's Library (who knew he had one?)

Hairbrush Harem

Hairbrush Harem: cover art of a vintage paperback spanking novel.

Love That Lasso

Vintage BDSM erotica / porn on the theme of rope bondage. Old paperback in the Bizarre Women Series.

Stockbroker Bondage

Vintage cover art of a perverted stockbroker gives financial domination an new twist.

Spanking Mommy

Very kinky spanking erotica about a young man who spanks an older woman, maybe his mother.

Woman in Communist Bondage

Red Rape! - Commiesploitation bondage cover art featuring an blond women who has been tied up and whipped by evil communists!

Confinement (Women Behind Bars)

Why are all the jails and prisons filled with large breasted exhibitionist lesbians? (Vintage WIP Paperback)

Lesbians in Chains

Vintage entertainment for heterosexual men - Discipline Books, Training, Lesbians in Chains.

The New Girl

St. Justin's headmistress has a bondage couch and a very stiff cane for wayward young women.

Bound Beauty

Naked blonde young woman in bondage.

Bulging Breasts, Bizarre Hair-dos, Queer Street!

Sexual Fetishes in Modern Society: would you vote for whips or stiletto boots as symbols of BDSM sexual orientation?

People Who Need to Give, Receive Pain

Vintage BDSM book on consensual erotic sadomasochistic pleasure and obsession.

The Submissive Female

Vintage maledom / femsub text: The Submissive Female, Anthony Parr, PhD

Deviate Sadomasochists

Vintage kinky weirdness with a love cult, a nymphomaniac and off-beat sex. Delightful.

Rural Spanking and Bondage School

Redneck BDSM, Fetish & Kink? Don't have some kinky books have titles they don't live up to? Spanking cover art.

Bondage & Roses

Naked young woman in bondage and a rose of sorts.

James Bond Bondage

James Bond and girl in bondage in cave. Vintage edition of Live and Let Die.

He's Hers

Femdomish fiction by Jack Vance? He's Mine, Unique Books, Bill Alexander cover art.

Over the Knee Hairbrush Spanking

Woman giving man a spanking with a brush - 1970s paperback cover photograph.

Female Deviations

Female Deviations and Lesbian Practices by Robert J. Bledsoe: sexploitation or science?

My Spanking Diary

Arlene Gorley: My Spanking Diary, Satan Press (Vintage BDSM book cover).

Farm Slave Bondage

Illustrated Tale of Torment and rural BDSM : do you want to own a slave farm? Or do you want to become a farm slave?

A World Where Pain is Pleasure

Vintage BDSM erotica : The Order of the Rod. Have you read it?

Ancient Etruscan Bondage

Ancient Etruscan orgies, bad girls and female enslavement. Kinky historical fiction.

Teen-Age Terrrors

Wenzell Brown's book on girl gangs shows one young woman whipping another with a belt.

The Cruel and the Meek

A Remarkable Examination of Sadism, Masochism and Flagellation.

Red Headed Bondage

Eliza Callaghan on her knees and in chains in Penal Colony.

Whip Cult Bondage

A Forbidden Fantasy, number 188 to be exact.

The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk

Infamous scandal claiming Roman Catholic nuns in a convent were having sex with priests in a seminary. (Montreal Canada)

Sexual Deviation

Ten personal confessions of people with strange sexual desires.

Over the Lap Spanking

Cover photograph shows a man spanking a young woman that he has over his lap.

Newgate Calendar Bondage

Historical source of doubtful authenticity of malefactions, crimes, wickedness and the punishment of evil doers.

Bondage in the Age of Louis XIV

Vintage bondage cover art. Sex and the Sun-King by James Holledge. Lurid, trashy historical fiction.

Her Lust Was the Law

Female / female whipping, vintage cover art. Was Madam a Madame?

Bondage at the Fall of the Roman Empire

Sin, depravity and other fun things during the reign of the worthless Emperor Commodus.

Bizarre Spankers

Vintage Bondage and Punishment paperback cover art.

Interracial Spanking

Black Studs White Girls: Little White Girls in Bondage - kinky paperback cover art.

Latex Lady

Vintage sleaze paperback book art. Free publicity for fetish models.

Rampart Street Bondage

New Orleans woman bound and whipped.

Graphic Bondage

Two Graphic Mystery paperback novels with bondage cover art.

Lust in Leather

Vintage paperback BDSM sleaze fiction cover art.

The Leather Lovers

BDSM fetish fiction paperback book cover of a woman in chains but holding a whip.

Captive Crossdresser

Transvestite hostage fiction: forced feminization, bondage, sissyfication.

Editions de l'Arabesque Bondage

Woman in bondage cover of French Editions De L'Arabesque paperback mystery novel.

Blond in Bondage

Robert McGinnis cover art: blond woman tied up with rope, mouth covered with tape.

The Lash

The whip and lurid lesbian sadomasochism of Maris Van Norden and her girlfriends.

Three Bad Sisters ...

What they did with men was nothing compared to what they did with each other!

For Couples Only

Vintage sleaze paperback cover with a half naked woman in leather pants holding a whip.

Lust Monsters

Woman with a stick who appears to be about to beat a man with it for his infidelity, unfaithfulness.

Carnal Captive

Hooded woman with bullwhip about to whip another hooded woman. Sadomasochistic fiction.

Blond Woman in Handcuffs

French mystery paperback cover featuring photographs of a woman bound by cuffs.

McGinnis Rope Bondage

Illustration of a woman tied up with rope by Robert McGinnis.

She Tasted Every Thrill

What did tormenting women have to do with being beyond lust?

Transvestite with a Whip

Sadomasochistic variant cover art for Edward D. Wood, Jr.'s crossdresser noir pulp fiction Killer in Drag.

Pagan Bondage

Young pagan woman bound by chains, menaced (?) by tiger.

Obey the Rules

A unique Bill Ward paperback book cover featuring a stern woman holding a ruler lecturing a young girl.

Lust Crazed Slaves, The Whip, Tortured Eunuchs

Perversity, perversion, deviants, weird sex practices aphrodisiacs and bondage too!

Born to Lust, She Lived in Sin

Woman using a whip on another presumably presumably guild of being a Sexpot.

Blacklace Drag aka Killer in Drag

Crossdresser noir crime novel about a transvestite hit woman / man by Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Memorias de una Masoquista

Smiling woman, dak man with whip. Novel purporting to be the memoirs of a masochist. Victor Ubersetzer's Memorias de una Masoquista.

EuroSleaze Bondage

Young woman hanging by chains. Cover of Enfer privé (Private Hell) from Jean Rollin's Les Anges du Bizarre.

Perverted Love Slave

Old lurid paperback cover of a female holding a whip like a dominatrix who has just whipped another female.

Last Chance Transvestite Lust

What was the sinister purpose of the untrustworthy looking man crossdressing in women's lingerie?

The Leather Girls

Sadosmasochistic lesbian exploitation novel paperback cover art.

Chair Cruelle

French book cover with a man giving a woman he has over his lap a hand spanking.

Violent Stories of ...

Lurid, kinky stories of ghetto sex, fiendish humiliation and sadistic passion.


Girls - particularly blonde girls - fight one another for male amusement and arousal.

Beat Me Lover!!

Vintage lurid paperback art: how an innocent cover illustration becomes a depiction of a woman being whipped.

The Golden Dyke

Is that a heterosexual male spanking a gay woman? (Lesbian Exploitation)

The Girl In the Spiked-Heeled Shoes

A title with appeal to the retifist market.

The Thrill-Seeker

Was she in the power of a cigarette smoking juvenile delinquent vampire? Or what?

Perverted Pen Pals

How kinky were the letters he wrote to the fetish garb clad women?

She Fell Prey to the Foulest of Rackets!

Marijuana Girl - less common cover photograph.

Oral Love Making

Fellatio and cunnilingus controversial?

Female Anal Compulsions

Hopefully anal sex is no longer regarded as degrading, disreputable, forbidden, freakish, horrific heinous, perverse, paraphiliac.

Man-Hungry Women Pay for Passion

Naughty sex for pay happenings at a massage parlor for women.

He Catered to Rich Old Women

Boudoir Boy - a gigolo - among the cougars.

Gutter Girls

Bondage, S&M (maybe), lingerie and street gangs: what more could you want?

Leg-Art Virgin

Trashy illustrated book about a 1950s fetish photographer's model.

The Lure of Fetish

Sexploitation book credit to Alvaro Sanches, M.D.

Sin-Deep Lover

Early heterosexual transvestite fiction.

She Makes Sex the Ultimate Weapon

Sex doll, super spy.

Devil Woman? Cat Girl?

Strange, weird book cover with a dominatrixish female.

Sadist on the Loose

Woman-eating man?

Praise the Lord and Pass the Fornication

Do Christianity and sex mix? They do on a couple of trashy paperback covers.

Satan Was a Lesbian

Just in case you didn't already know that.

Dominant Sadists

Book of sadomasochistic stories.

The Whipped Welfare Lady

Old porn paperback cover art.

Leather Climax for Her Lover

Female domination novel paperback cover illustration.

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