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OTK Female Spanking Male Cover Photograph.

These over-the-knee hairbrush spankings are exceptionally popular among all fetish orientations. I never experienced either the brush or was put over the knees (my parents preferred a belt with me standing) so they don't resonate with me. As a fairly tall man I've never really been able to fantasize a woman - since she is smaller - whapping me in that position. The stool seems ideal for ameliorating that complication.

The same theme in a line drawing: Over Her Knee.

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Not often I find guys I consider attractive on book covers, especially vintage ones ( love vintage women's looks, but not so much the guys)---this one, though, I LIKE. And I'm not even much into simple spankings like this.

I like this photo! Luckily I'm 5'7 and can be put over a ladys knee...which has happened to me on several occations.

I just luv having someone over my knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. I spank my husband and many of our male and female friends. I've been spanking since I was 19 and at 28 still use spankings in my everyday life to maintain discipline and respect. Believe me once U'VE been over my knee for a good dose of the hair or bath brush U'LL think twice about misbehaving again anytime soon. I;'d luv to hear from other ladies who also spank and those who have found themselves face down over the knee of a a lady weilding as hairbrush. Luv Shelly

Shelly: My wife's the "take charge" type and I soon found out;after we were married, just what that really means!? After we had reurned from the beach,Anne informed me that she didn't appreciate how I starred at all the female bodies. I replied that with all the jiggling & bouncing these nearly naked girls did, how could I not stare? Annie said I needed a lesson in showing women the proper respect and she was just the person to give me one! Anyway after being reminded that I would be wise to obey my wife; if I expected to continue to enjoy her considerable charms, she said a good,sound spanking was in order! My trunks came down & off, I was turned over her waiting knees and she picked up a solid,wooden hairbrush and began to paddle my bare-ass! That terrible brush did its duty well; in Anne's talented hands and I begged her to stop & swore that I would never let my eyes wander again- to no avail! Annie put that brush to my blistered buttocks until I was crying like a little boy. But still the spanking went on; my wife said that she intended to teach me a lesson that I wouldn't soon forget- and believe me- I didn't! That started our life of Annie being in charge of my discipline and she doesn't shy away from her duty. I am well-spanked with that dreaded brush whenever she thinks that I need it and afterwards I must apologize for my misbehavior and thank her for paddling me good! We are closer than ever, loving each other deeply and I know that spanking me turns her on and amuses her;as well? I now am a much more considerate and respectful husband,thanks to Annie's T.L.C.(although the only thing that is "tender" is my burning asscheeks) I do my best to keep these sessions to a minimum. The idea of spousal spanking turns me on,too; but the sting of that brush is another matter, I'm not exactly cheering her on when my wife is reddening my ass good, over her knees!

Wow, a vintage F/m spanking pic that features a man who's actually *hot.* How rare!

My wife's mother spanked me with a hairbrush when I was quite young and I never will forget that. She thought me disrespectful. My wife has spanked me for years now and knows that just a mention of the brush gets my attention. For years it was only private but recently she told me in her sister's presence that I would get it then and there if I wasn't careful.

I like seeing a guy over a womans knee just as much a guy over another guys knee. I have been spanked by both including a very tall lady who is 6'1", I am 5'5". She can be very dominate but she spanks my bare bottom with her hand. Nice

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Over the Knee Hairbrush Spanking
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