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Koji Wakamatsu: Japanese Bondage & BDSM Movies

Photos from Japanese kinky erotic movies and interview (in French) with Koji Wakamatsu.

He Pulled Down Their Panties ...

Two young women in lingerie hanging from ladders awaiting their spankings.

La Diablesse Perverse

Vintage French maledom film: man gives a woman a caning, takes her over his knees for a spanking.

Tina Aumont in Rope Bondage

Actress Tina Aumont in Shibari (?) rope bondage. French cinema magazine cover photograph.

Schoolgirls in Chains

An exceptionally lurid movie poster with bound young women menaced by a fiend.

Breast Torture

Sadistic man uses cruel object - looks like huge brush with spikes instead of bristles - to interrogate a bound woman.

Reluctant Sadist

Wicked man tries to force a woman to beat another woman with a whip.

Woman Castrates Man

Woman ties man to bed, gags him, take out her razor and castrates him.

Ida Lupino in Bondage

Photograph of actress Ida Lupino tied to a chair.

Deborah Kerr in Bondage

Actress Deborah Kerr tied to a post. Scene from the film Quo Vadis.

Planet of Rapes

2069 a galaxy of women in boots, whippings and (presumably) lots of kinky colorful sex. Space Thing.

Men Riding Women Like Horses

Ponygirl movie poster.

Barbara Steele Whipped

Famous horror film actress Barbara Steele being flogged in a dungeon.

Bettie Page Reveals All

Bettie Page Reveals All is a forthcoming biographical movie about the celebrated fetish and glamor model.

Sweet Sexy Flagellation

Sweet and Sexy promises of corporal punishment (movie poster).

Mistress Anita Expects You to Behave

Faux Femdom featuring a beautiful blonde 1920s Hollywood actress.

O in Bondage

Corinne Clery in bondage scenes from The Story of O movie.

Why Do So Many Rich Girls Go So Wrong?

Girls with too much money go to jail - the youth reformatory - for punishment in Problem Girls.

There's An Animal in Every Woman

Pet movie poster showing two chained woman as submissive human pets.

Elizabeth Taylor Spanked

Perverted Nuns

Movie stills of sadistic Roman Catholic nuns torturing women and a man.

Boris Karloff Bondage

Why does Boris Karloff have that women helplessly bound, tied to a chair?

Madame Satan

Madam Satan is a 1930s screwy drama-cum-musical. The title character is suggestive of a dominatrix.

Mondo Freudo Bondage

Hooded Master prepares to whip a female slave he has tied up and hanging from the ceiling in suspension bondage.

Sadistic Nuns

Lurid nunsploitation movies featuring cruel nuns whipping other nuns.

Let's Play Doctor

Sadomasochistic lobby card featuring a hand holding a whip.

White Slaves of Chinatown

Audrey Campbell as dominatrix-cum-criminal in roughie-psychotronic Olga film series.

Girls in Hell

Film still of devilish imps roasting damned young women in Hades.

Little Girls

Maledom bondage cinema movie still, lobby card.

Vintage Movie Bondage

Stills from scenes of old psychotronic films featuring women bound by chains.

Honey and Brine

Scene of a woman whipping a man from a David F. Friedman sexploitation movie Stacey Walker.

Japanese Mistress Rides Male Slave

Japanese Femdom Movie Chi Jin No Ai Cover Photograph.

Baba Yaga Bondage

Kinky, sleazy Italian horror movie featuring Carroll Baker and Isabelle de Funes in Guido Crepax story.

Crotch Kicking

Angelique kicks a man in his balls in this lobby card from Pain and Pleasure.

Love is Four Letter Word

Old movie lobby card showing one girl beating another with a paddle.

Reincarnation Bondage

Liliane Montevecchi in bondage, bound to a cross in the fantasy adventure movie, The Living Idol.

Wearing Only Her Collar and Chains

Movie still photograph of a nude woman wearing a slave collar attached to a long chain.

Ancient Roman Whipping

Chained man being whipped by Roman soldier in old historical movie Centurians of Rome.

Hooded Menace

Mysterious sinister hooded man holding a whip. Still from unknown movie.

Spankings and Whippings

Stills from a spanking fetish film, title unknown by me. Who was the Spider Leather Man?

Sex Slaves of the Amazon Women

Femdom film fun: helpless men are enslaved by powerful women and forced to serve their every erotic desire. Silly guys don't like it.

Capture Nice Young Girls

Women in bondage poster for Cycle Psycho aka Savage Abduction psychotronic movie.

Italian Sex Comedy Bondage

What could be funnier than a helpless woman? You know how sexist those Italian men are.

Vengeance of She

Olinka Berova as Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Robot Shoe Fetishist

Remember Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet?

Sexploitation Lobby Cards

Early photographs from so-called dirty movies.

Psychopathia Sexualis : The Film

Richard von Krafft-Ebing's learned psychoanalytical text becomes a movie!


Encourages the positive depiction of alternative sexuality in film and television

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