Sex Slaves of the Amazon Women

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From their hidden, isolated island Amazonian woman force an airplane down so they can take the men and turns them into helpless slaves of their passion. (Tough luck for sure.)

Femdom slaves of love

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Imprisoned on an island of sex-starved Amazons ... two men fight desperately to survive a Hell of distorted pleasures

Male slaves of Amazon women

Who doesn't love a woman in boots carrying a riding crop?

Slaves of Love, 1969


I used to be completely baffled by the attitudes of the men in some of those older movies (and books). Spending a life of relative leisure as the sex slave of attractive women? Umm, just where is the problem with that?

But no - the heroes always had to find the one subby chick, who would help them to escape the island/planet, whatever.


This reminds me of the Gene Roddenberry pilot, 'Planet Earth', where the women enslave the men and call them 'dinks'.

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Sex Slaves of the Amazon Women
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