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Frenchwoman in Bondage

Vintage French comic book painting of a young woman in chains.

Witch's Dungeon

Weird, lurid vintage sleazy and gruesome old comic book cover for Halloween.

Zordon Bondage

Zordon fumetti - comic book - lurid cover showing women imprisoned and in bondage.

Mexican Spanking

Man spanking a woman on the cover of an issue of the Mexican comic book Pinguin.

Brenda Starr in Bondage

Golden age comic book cover showing a blonde girl in a tattered dress bound to a radiator.

The Most Famous Bondage Cover?

Rare, valuable golden age comic book had a skimpily clad, large breasted bound heroine on the cover.

Miss Bondage

Miss Bondie bound and gagged and being filmed. French BDSM graphic novel.

La Schlava : Female Slave

Comic book telling adventures of an escaped black female slave. Kinky historical fiction.

Pussycat Bondage

Bondage and kinky sex in Pussycat, a comic book.

Zakarella in Monstrous Bondage

Pretty Zakarella bound and at the mercy of monsters, zombies: Mysterio! Terror! Fantasia! Crime!

Fetish Police

why are the cost busting this man whose pants are designed to show the world his naked butt cheeks?

Nazi Cunnilingus

Nazisploitation female on female oral sex comic book cover painting.

Dollie's Dilemma

Vintage BDSM story: woman is kidnapped, placed in bondage and tortured by a wicked spy and her wicked maid. (Long)

Sadistic Vampire

Woman tied and beaten by a female vampire. Italian comic book cover art (fumetti).

FrankSexStein Bondage Cover

European bondage comic book cover art.

Lesbian Pirate Bondage?

BDSM aboard ship with Amazons. The position of the snake, what it is doing make this an exceptionally horrific fumetti cover.

¡Historietas Perversas! Bondage and Punishment

¡Historietas Perversas! - Mexican sex comic book - woman in cuffs, man with a very big whip.

Arandú Bondage

Vintage bondage art: cover of Columbian comic book Arandú, el Principe de la Selva.

Exciting Bondage

Judy the Jungle Goddess in bondage covers drawn by Alex Schomburg for Exciting Comics.

Super Spanking

Early golden age of comics superman spanking a naughty girl panel sequence.


Cover of Italian fumetti Hypnose showing a woman in a torn dress, man with a big whip.

Demons of Flesh and Blood

Very intense flagellation scene on the cover of a Mexican comic book. (Hispanic BDSM art.)

Shocking Punishment

Man with a heavy whip, woman on her knees. Famous Wally Wood cover art.

Mr Mystery Bondage

Bound, helpless women on the covers of a golden age horror comic book.

So This is Love (Bondage)

1950s comic book cover showing a woman tied to a chair and gagged.

Kinky Spider Woman

Marvel Comics would never have published the sexed up adventures of this spidergirl (La Donna Ragna, Fumetti).

Sadosex Bondage

SadoSex: Italian comic book - fumetti - with bondage cover art.

Historical Adventure Bondage

Drawings of a Celtic slave girl dragged in chains, bound to a post by her Roman masters.

Pornostar Bondage

Pornostar comic book cover showing a bound woman about to be tortured by a hooded man.

Slave Girl Whipping

Pornostar comic book cover showing the brutal whipping of a young woman.

Roman Slave Girls

Two slave girls in ancient Rome being whipped by a cruel Master. Pornostar cover.

Mafioso Bondage

Women tied up by criminals on covers of French Mafia comic books.

Catwoman in Handcuffs

Batman places Catwoman in bondage (cuffs).

Kerry Drake Bondage

Golden Age issue of Kerry Drake comic book with a bondage cover: woman handing by her wrists.

Sadistic Manga Whipping

Japanese comic book with a lurid cover featuring a man brutally whipping a woman.

Funnybook Flogging

Harsh cat o' nine tails beating scene in the panel of a Spanish comic book.

Italian S&M Comics Art

Sleazy psychotronic sadomasochistic fetish comic book art by Italy's Lucio Filippucci.

Vampire Bondage & Torture

Weird, lurid vampire creatures torment innocent human beings.

Wonderland Spanking

Giant rag doll gives Alice of Wonderland fame an over-the-knee spanking. (Ziff-Davis comic book cover.)

Lashes for Lucifera

The Devils' daughter at the mercy of the Christian Inquisition.

Femmina Perversa

Satan's daughter whipping an innocent mortal woman (honestly, I have no idea if she deserrvers her lashing or not).

Over His Knee - Hand Spanking

Shaft comic book cover: man spanks a woman he has on his lap.

Franksexstein Bondage

Historietas Perversas - Mexican comic book - bondage cover showing a half-naked woman tied to a bed.

La Gringa

Historietas Perversas Maledom - Mexican comic book cover art.

Red Queen

Mistress / slave femdom style BDSM comes to the X-Men.

Post-Apocalyptic BDSM

Power exchange and sadomasochism in science fiction comics.

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