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To Get Her

Obscurely, mysteriously kinky vintage Eric Stanton art.

Spanking School Teacher

Eric Stanton spanking illustration showing a teacher and victim/pupil with a very, very big ruler.

Madame Butch

Eric Stanton Leather Dyke paperback cover: Madame Butch.

Eric Stanton Strippers

Sin Strippers and Running Wild - vintage sleaze paperbacks with cover art by Eric Stanton.

Pay the Devil

Fetish, kink and supernatural forces meet in this vintage cover by Eric Stanton.


Girls - particularly blonde girls - fight one another for male amusement and arousal.

Hot Lips

Another lurid scene involving a weird group of people as depicted by Eric Stanton.

Cycle Sinners

Motorcyle gang depicted by Eric Stanton.

Prisoner of Evil

Women in Prison vintage sleaze paperback cover by Eric Stanton.

For Your Pleasure

is this Eric Stanton's idea of Playboy Bunnies at a Playboy Club?

Sinful Sexpot

Poor girl is about to get a harsh caning.

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