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Female Slaves as Reindeer

Christmas variation on BDSM animal reindeer as young women are forced to pull a sleigh.

Aggressive Women (F/f)

Vintage BDSM magazine cover showing a very aggressive woman dominating a second female.

Les Dommes

Les Dommes, Pure Lesbian Dominance and Submission

Girl as Girl's Pet

Female has female human bunny - ! - on leash.

Early Female / female Spanking Photographs

Very interesting and attractive vintage same-same sex corporal punishment scenes.

The Big Whip-Off

Sadistic woman has two naked young females bound, at her mercy. Vintage F/f BDSM paperback cover art.

Bound for Revenge

Vintage F/f bondage - one woman has another helpless, on her knees and at her mercy.

Sapphic Women and Thrasings

Lesbian or at least Girl / girl spanking.

Asian Dominatrix

Is this woman Japanese, Chinese, Korean - isn't American illiteracy so pathetic?

Bondage in an Aristocrat's Dungeon

Whip wielding masked mistress has helpless woman bound and at her mercy.

Disobedience Will Not Be Tolerated

A very stern dominatrix-style teacher makes the situation clear to one of her female students.

Eric Galton's Spanking Art

Eric Galton: early 20th century French erotic artist specializing in the chastisement and punishment of young women.

Mistress and Girl

Vintage photographs of same sex BDSM.

F/f Corporal Punishment

Vintage BDSM illustrations: women paddling, whipping, spanking another female.

Lesbians in Chains

Vintage entertainment for heterosexual men - Discipline Books, Training, Lesbians in Chains.

F/f Hand Spanking

Vintage drawing of one woman spanking another woman.

Pretty as a Pin-up Spanking

Decorative dominatrix and lovely submissive female in position for a whipping.

Sado-Erotic Sapphism

I, Spanking Lesbian: two girls and one cane - the goal: pain-oriented sex.

Kinky Sadistic Nun

Topless - ! - nun whipping a bound and helpless woman.

Lacing Up Mistress' Boots

Servant helping a dominant woman put on her boots.

Sweet Revenge

Revenge involves whips and bondage. Vintage F/f BDSM art.

Obey! The Dominatrix

Woman holding a girl on a leash - BDSM elements in a late 1990s guitar advertisement.

Vintage BDSM Art by Carlo

Bondage, flagellation, spanking, punishment and discipline by a colorful, sometimes eccentric fetish artist.

Remy's Garish & Gaudy BDSM Art

Remy's brightly colored paintings of bondage and discipline are like no other.

Jim of Switzerland's BDSM Art

Cruel, domineering woman placing other women in often uncomfortable and demeaning bondage.

Jim of Holland's BDSM Art

Jim of Holland's images of young women at the mercy of, in the dungeons of cruel Mistresses.

Nazi Cunnilingus

Nazisploitation female on female oral sex comic book cover painting.

Fontana's Spanking Art

Vintage F/f spanking illustrations by Fontana.

George Jackson Churchward's Spanking Art

Girls being disciplined and punished by older women drawn by George Jackson Churchward.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Girl

Older woman uses her cane to discipline and punish a disobedient, naughty girl.

Robert Bishop's Bondage & Flagellation Art

Women in bondage, whipped and spanked.

Masked Female Flagellators

Eerie, mysterious masked women punish - whip - young women.

Mistress Whips Her Girl

Woman uses cane on the buttocks of her pretty slave girl.

Fairy Mistress

Two fairy girl slaves kneeling under the control of a dominant winged woman (fantasy art).

Luc Lafnet: F / f Corporal Punishment

Vintage kinky art of women spanking, flogging, whipping, birching other women.

Girls and Canes

Girlish flagellation, corporal punishment French erotic art.

Carlo : Female / female Corporal Punishment

Girl whips girl in these attractive early European flagellation drawings. #Spanking

Charles Guyette: Fetish Photographer

Pioneering vintage bondage, pony girl and femdom photographs by Charles Guyette.

Sorority Slave Girls

Sorority girls enslave other girls and put them in bondage.

Perverted Love Slave

BDSM cover art: one female beating another female with a whip.

Lusts of a Leather Bitch

Unique World magazine with a Femdom photo cover.

A Woman Sold

Vintage BDSM publication showing a woman whipping a tied and bound girl.

Girl Spanking Girl

Vintage lesbian femdom: women punishing,. spanking, whipping other women.

Sorority Girl Paddling

Sorority Girl Femdom.

Girl Spanks Girl

Woman gives another woman an over the lap hand spanking in a motel room meeting.

More Remy F/f D/s Art

Extreme and colorful pictures of women dominating, humiliating other women.

Carnal Captive

Hooded woman with bullwhip about to whip another hooded woman. Sadomasochistic fiction.

Antique F/f Hand Spanking

Naked Female spanking another naked female with her hand.


Blond young woman disciplines and punishes another girl by giving her a spanking.

Alan Mac Clyde

Female / female sadomasochistic fiction with art by Femdom artist Carlo.

Remy's Femdom Art

Her lavish, lurid, extravant, hyperreal paintings of Female / female dominance and submission.

Neo-Fascist Passion Cult!

Sleazy lurid paperback cover art of the Carnal Countess Nazisploitationish paperback.

Love is Four Letter Word

Old movie lobby card showing one girl beating another with a paddle.

Beware of Teacher

Looks like a female student is about to be published by her female teacher.

Richard Hegemann: Women Spanking Girls

Same-sex female spankings by a largely unknown German artist who produced illustrations under the name Richard Hegemann.

The Leather Girls

Sadosmasochistic lesbian exploitation novel paperback cover art.

Torturing Nuns

Nuns torment a young woman seeking to coerce a conversion to Christianity or confess her sins.

Les Malheurs de Colette

The Misfortunes of Colette by Aime Van Rod: over the knee and on the floor whipping and spanking at the hand of a stern Mistress.


Girl (fashion model) steps on another girl (fashion model) who is resting flat on the floor.

Femmina Perversa

Satan's daughter whipping an innocent mortal woman (honestly, I have no idea if she deserrvers her lashing or not).

Kissing Her Boot

Cute female kissing another female's footwear photograph. Romantic same-sex retifism.

Carlo (Again)

More bizarre, colorful and kinky Female-to-female sadomasochism by Carlo.

Carlo (F/f Kink)

Artist, at times a bit peculiar and lurid, of female on female S&M and D/s.

Louis Malteste

French illustrator best known for his scenes of domestic discipline and spanking of young women.

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