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Girl as Pet

Female model enacts - or at least hints at - role as man's best friend.

Beautiful Woman in Restaints

Beautiful fashion model in bondage photographs.

Lara Stone in Bondage

Supermodel Lara Stone in faux rope bondage and a sort of nude corset. (Fashion photography.)

Another Male Fashion Model in Bondage

Pretty young male fashion model bound by leather cuffs.

Faux Fetish Fashion Fun

High fashion photographs with fake bondage, leather boots and riding crops.

Images of Dita Von Teese in Russia

Photographs of famed fetish model Dita Von Teese's appearance in a Russian faashion magazine.


Young woman wearing a ponygirl mask.


Girl (fashion model) steps on another girl (fashion model) who is resting flat on the floor.

Mistress Claudia

Claudia Schiffer as a dominatrix.

Lady Gaga in Bondage

Photographs of Lady Gaga bound in various positions.

An Academy for Boys

Imagine a school for young men some of whom are very bad boys. Naturally they will require a stern, statuesque headmistress to keep them in control, their wickedness caged.

Woman to Worship

Jerry Hall as faux femdom goddess adored by Baptiste Giabiconi.

Haute Couture Bondage

Highly stylized photographs of female fashion models in faux bondage.

Kinky Attire

Fetish fashion, clothing, model photography - vintage and contemporary.

Clothed Females, Naked Males

CFNM: nude men in the presence of clothed women. Mild embarrassment / humiliation femdom fetish.

Carlos Freire On His Knees

He's kneeling but he doesn't look at all submissive - a starting point for dominantr fantasies perhaps.

Fetish Jewelry

Designer Dominic Jones' leather gloves, teeth earrings and nipple jewelry.

Very Kinky Boots Indeed

More maledomish fashion photography featuring submissive young women.

Why Corsets?

Interview with corset maker Simone of Exquisite Restraint.

Women in Boots

An army of half-naked fashion models in military caps and black boots.

The Goddess & the Underwear Models

Male underwear models in femdomish fashion advertising.

Mistress Gisele

Gisele Bundchen as dominatrix (fauxdomme). Just put a fetish toy in a fashion model's hands and instant kink.

Jesus Luiz in Chains

Male fashion model in semi-kinky, borderline fetish - certainly outlandish - garb.

Ginnifer Goodwin In Leather

Big Love actress in sexy outfits.

The Outré Visions Alexander McQueen

Fetishistic, exotic, unusual and impossible clothing at Paris Fashion Week.

Pierced Nipple Jewelry

Designer label seeks to appeal to body modification enthusiasts.

Star Trek Corset

Perfect item for your Trekkie lingerie collection.

Opera Gloves

A scantily clad young Sophia Loren and the web's definitive opera glove website.

Dominatrices in Corsets

How the corset heightens female bodily beauty and why it fits into images of female domination.

Sadomasochism in Vogue

Intense, fetishistic photographis in French edition of Vogue upsets fashion critics.

Mistress Victoria

David Beckham's wife releases new clothing line.

Corset for Growing Girls

Fashion ad: corsets for young women.

French Corset for Prima Donnas

What 19th century American women were wearing.

Amanda Lepore & Others

Celebrities in leather.

Contemporary Corsets

Corset gallery.

Dolce & Gabbana : Dominatrix Drag

High fashion exploits images of dominant woman as a form of fantasy.

From Fetish Club to High Fashion Runways

Mainstreaming of bondage gear and dominatrix drag into high couture.

High Heel Shoe Museum

Retifism meets high fashion.

History of the Corset

Staylacing and corsertry's early female wearers and users.

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