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Elegant Masked Mistrress

Masked high fashion dominatrix with her kneeling female submissive.

Girl Worship

Two male fashion models in submissive, worshipful poses with a young woman.

Mistress Noami

Supermodel Noami Campbell in a femdomish fashion editorial photographed by Mert and Marcus.

Mistress Lara Stone

Fashion model Lara Stone as a kinky dominatrix who enjoys sissyfying men.

Disciplined Training

Russia's Natasha Poly as a military drill instructor dominatrix.

Claudia with a Whip

Supermodel with a bullwhip as Femdom icon.

Mistress Tatyana

More woman worshiping fashion adveritisng photography and implied female domination.

Fashion Fetish Fantasy

Black and white fashion photographs celebrating fetish, female power and woman worship.

Her Foot On His Head

Woman's heeled shoe on the top of a man's head.

She Rides Her Man

Constance Jablonski on the back of Brazilian male model Marlon Teixeira.

On His Leash, On His Knees

More female dominance in fashion adveritising: photograph of a kneeling male model held on a leash by a half-naked female model.

Femdom Prison

Imagine a prison run by women who keep attactive young Brazilian male models under lock and key.

Mistress Claudia

Claudia Schiffer as a dominatrix.

An Academy for Boys

Imagine a school for young men some of whom are very bad boys. Naturally they will require a stern, statuesque headmistress to keep them in control, their wickedness caged.

Woman to Worship

Jerry Hall as faux femdom goddess adored by Baptiste Giabiconi.

Boy in a Box

Are these young women trying to keep Evandro Soldati imprisoned? More quasi-femdom fashion photography.

On His Back

Femdom fashion fun with female model standing over male model.


Fashion advertisement that should appeal to men with the Femdom Giant Female fetish.

Male Telephone Table

Human Furniture / Woman Worship / Fashion Photography.

Clothed Females, Naked Males

CFNM: nude men in the presence of clothed women. Mild embarrassment / humiliation femdom fetish.

Grab Him by His Hair

One way for woman to dominate, control a man is to pull on his hair.

Sitting on His Shoulders

Young woman sits astride a young man's back.


Femdomish woman worship from Calvin Klein.

The Goddess & the Underwear Models

Male underwear models in femdomish fashion advertising.

Mistress Gisele

Gisele Bundchen as dominatrix (fauxdomme). Just put a fetish toy in a fashion model's hands and instant kink.


High fashion foot fetish advertising photograph.

Painting Her Toenails

Guy providing a girl pedicure: affectionate woman worship.

Inspecting Her Troops

Or her slaves - men on their hands and knees: more fashion advertising with implied female domination.

Man as Luggage

Human suitcase: sort of an oddball variation on human furniture.

Men at Her Feet

Young men at a young woman's feet.


Female domination fashiion ad: model wearing a really neat pair of stockings.

Origin Assured

Another femdomish ad campaign with a female fashion model using two male models as furniture.

Mistress Karen

Karen Elson to be one of the models in a femdomish advertising campaign from Agent Provocateur.

Licking Her Toes

Photograph of a man licking - worshipping? - a woman's toes. (Podophilia)

Kneeling Man as Chair

Blond girl sitting on a male fashion model's back.


Another high-fashion femdom ad: men as table supports.

On His Knees

Beautiful woman hold man in his place.

Shoulder Stool

Female fashion model in lingerie sits on back of male model.

Dominatrices in Corsets

How the corset heightens female bodily beauty and why it fits into images of female domination.

Bent Over

Girl sits on bent-over guy's back.

Boot Service

Man cleaning a woman's leather boots.

He's Helpless

Male bound, tied with female stockings.

Men Make Nice Furniture

Fashion models and the human furniture kink.

Human Stiletto

Man under woman's shoe serving as its heel.

Male Submission

Man kneeling beside woman (fashion ad).

Woman Worship

Happily submissive male (fashion photograph).

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