Femdom Prison

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The idea of a prison run by women is common enough. Men probably don't imagine the prisoner population to be Brazilian male models. Dominant women doubtlessly have little if any objection to that detail.

Prisoner Induction:

Femdom Prison Induction

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Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


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Anal Cavity Search:

Femdom Prison Anal Cavity Search

Prisoner Inspection:

Femdom Prison Woman Guard Inspects Male Prisoners

From Brazilian fashion magazine ffw Mag!.


I'm interesting in f/m prison discipline

I have always had a strong desire to be sentenced to life in prison and have pretty females laugh at the thought of me living in a small cell and what goes on in prison while they enjoy freedom and luxury.Also very aroused at the idea of a woman judge sentencing me and female guards ridiculing me in prison and giving me lipstick and makeup to wear in there.

I writing a Drama about this tobic a this pictures are very helpful so thank you

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