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Bisexual BDSM

Vintage bondage, discipline, Femdom on the covers of a couple of European fetish magazines.

Want To Visit De Sade's World?

Vintage bondage and fetish magazine exploiting the Marquis de Sade's reputation.

Burning Asses

Small gallery of photographs of covers of spanking magazine Burning Asses. M/f corporal punishment.

Ladder Bondage

Nude woman in rope bondage, ladder. Photo cover of Slave Auction magazine.

Enema Erotica

Enema Erotica was an enema fetish magazine.

Rubber Slave

Rubber Slave: Vintage bondage and domination publication in the Dungeon Series.

Girls Under the Whip

Girls Under the Whip: vintage spanking and bondage magazine cover (photographs).

Aggressive Women (F/f)

Vintage BDSM magazine cover showing a very aggressive woman dominating a second female.

Enema Secrets

Fun filled magazine for enema enthusiasts and fetishists.

Fetish Nuggets

Nugget magazine sought to appeal to every fetishist and kinkster. At leas to those who fancies lesbians and golden showers.

Flaming Bottoms

Flaming Bottoms a vivid spanking photograph magazine.

Sapphire's Sapphic Spankings

Female / female corporal punishment glossy fetish photo magazine. Sapphire probably references Sappho.


Janus' publishers also produced Obey, a magazine where women did the spanking. F/f cover.

Roué Spanking

Roué was a British spanking magazine.

Phoenix Spanking

Cover photograph of an issue of British corporal punishment magazine, Phoenix.

Naughty Prison Girls

Vintage fetish magazine devoted to disobedient, miscreant young females who must be punished and spanked.

Fetish Zorro

Vintage cover photograph of a fetish model in a black wide-brimmed hat, carrying a sword.

Slave Market

Vintage BDSM and Fetish personal ads. Woman in rope bondage cover photographs.

Bondage in the Nude

Naked girl, bound by rope facing a mirror. Vintage bondage magazine: Bondage in the BUff.

Unique World 2

1970s BDSM, Fetish Magazine

Bondage Life

Bondage: A Way Of Life Or Just A Goddamn Hobby? (Vintage BDSM magazine cover)

The Roué

The Roué: vintage British spanking magazine with an, ahem, naughty schoolgirl cover photograph.

Secret Spanking Cult

Vintage BDSM fetish magazine: more perverted orgies.

Perverted Orgies (Two of Them)

Perverted Orgies 1, 2: vintage BDSM. bondage, fetish magazines.

Chained in the Attic

Malissia: vintage BDSM and bondage magazine. Heard of it? Know anything about the 'zine?


Love - vintage BDSM and bondage magazine whose contents were contributed by the readers.

Fessée Means Spanking in French

Cover of a back issue of Fessée the spankophile magazine.

Kane's Cane

Vintage M/f BDSM publication.

The Magazine with the Belt in the Backside

Spanky: vintage spanking journal for spankers and spankees.

Bizarre Album VII

Unattractive vintage BDSM / maledom fetish illustration album.

Spanking Digest (Fetish Magazine)

Vintage spanking 'zine: who is that costumed woman with a whip? A spankophile superheroine?

Searching for a Spanking

Magazine for those searching for someone to spank or be spanked by in the days before CollarMe.com and Bondage.com.

Lezo Bondage

Sometimes fetish, kink, BDSM and bondage isn't pretty. As on the cover of Lezo magazine.


These kinky kittens like to play with whips. Vintage International Art Photography magazine.

Is Your Life Bizarre?

Vintage BDSM, Fetish, Female Domination.

Witches and Bitches

Witches and Bitches: vintage BDSM magazine published by Goldstripe.

Satana (Vintage Femdom)

Satana: vintage BDSM, female domination magazine.

The Natural Superiority of Women

Whip : The Female of the Species is More Deadly Than The Male!


Obey: vintage BDSM, fetish magazine spanking photograph cover.

Proper Use of Human Ponies

Femdom fetish photo cover of women riding men.

The Iron Mistress

What were the bizarre ceremonies of female sadism and domination of the Iron Mistress?

Asian Bondage

Asian women in bondage: helplessly bound so they must please their master (or mistress)

Esoteria Bondage

Woman's nipples tortured while her legs are locked in giant stocks. Vintage BDSM magazine.

Bondage and Domination Pleasures

Or do you think it should be discipline? Vintage BDSM periodical covers.

Assorted Fetishes

Men are Spanked, Whipped, Trampled, Cock and Balls Tortured, Bound, Caged, Gagged, and put into Latex!

Magazine Sado

Sado Issue 4: French BDSM magazine. Cover photograph shows a woman in an uncomfortable bondage mask, hood.

Cheerleaders in Bondage

Kidnap Issue 4, vintage bondage and BDSM magazine promises Cheerleaders in Bondage!

Leather Chains Erotic Bizarre

Exchange Issue 4: vintage BDSM and bondage fetish magazinr.

Sadistic School

Vintage fetish magazine, Bizarre Life. First issue featuring The Sadistic School.

Bizarre Bondage

Why has the devilish character put the pretty girl in chains?

The Return of Justine

A dominatrixing we will go with a special issue of femdom fetish 'zine Bizarre Life.

Nights of Horror Bondage

Nights of Horror Issue Eight: Vintage BDSM magazine with Joe Shuster cover art.


Satanika: kinky French BDSM magazine (photo cover).

Cruella and Friends

Cruella magazine, Domina Nation, Mistress Files, Riding Cult - femdom fetish magazines.

The Rod

Spare the rod and spoil the #masochist. One of Dr.Ernst Schertel's early 20th century BDSM publications.

Erotischer Zwang

Erotischer Zwang 1970s bondage, BDSM consensual erotic sadomasochism magazine.

Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv

#Spanking, flagellation magazine published by Dr.Ernst Schertel in 1930s Germany - Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv.


#Vintage #sleaze #kink #fetish #bondage #magazine with Bill Alexander cover #art.

Dungeon Domination

Dungeon Domination: Femdom Magazine with two dominatrices and a man. Cover photograph looks like 1970s.

Red Butts

Red Butts magazine cover shows a man spanking a woman's buttocks until they are red.

Janus Spanking

Man gives naughty young woman a hand spanking in an issue of Janus a spankophile magazine.

Magnificent Mistresses Quarterly

Magnificent Mistresses Quarterly: professional dominatrix hookup and contact magazine.

Fetish Pleasures

Fetish Pleasures : a Femdom hookup and fantasy magazine.

Mary's Foot Slave

Woman licking another's red boots on cover of Underfoot Volume 1, Number 5.

Lusts of a Leather Bitch

Unique World magazine with a Femdom photo cover.

Corporal (Punishment) Dreams

Corporal Dreams: a magazine devoted to spanking and corporal punishment fetishists.

Bizarre Life

Bizarre Life Number 5: Helena Jackman dressed in heavy duty dominatrix gear.


Femdom Magazine includes features like The Fiery Bliss of Pain.


Bitchcraft: a vintage femdom fetish magazine.

Tiptop for Foot Fetishists

Toptop: a magazine for podophiles, toe suckers and foot lickers.

Spanking Ritual

Weird, lurid, mysterious looking spanker wearing a mask and a dark leather costume.

World's Bestselling Spanking Monthly

Swish! - magazine for consensual erotic spanking fetishists.

Japanese Bondage

SM was a 1970s sadomasochistic magazine featuring Japanese women in shibari and other forms of bondage on the cover.

Cinérotik Spankings

Cinérotika magazine covers: domestic punishment and Nazi flagellation.

Enslaved Sissy Maid

Transvestite humiliation: turning a heterosexual male into a submissive siffyfied house maid.

Nylon Queens

Magazine for men with a nylon hosiery / stockings fetish.

New Queen Sniper

Japanese Femdom magazine: suspension bondage, wax candles, men on leashes.

The Erotic Cinema

Fetish magazine with brutal, sadistic cover.

Men Always Ask

Really most men are too inhibited or vanilla to be asking, wondering about spanking wife or girlfriend.

Spanking Letters

Spanking Letters Volume One, Number 1: 'zine devoted to consenual erotic spanking.

Nylon Double Take

Nylon stocking fetish magazine from 1968.

Fetish Films Quarterly

Reviews of kinky movies.

Bettie Page's Shoes

Bettie Page magazine covers.


Whip-wielding dominatrix on cover.

Fetish in Films

Sexploitation cinema trade journal.

For Rubber Fetishists

Rubber, PVC, latex cultural studies and archives.

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