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Tympanic Spanking

Do you think you could give someone an interesting spanking using drum sticks? Musical BDSM?

Disco Femdom

Dance, dance, dance to the beating ... !

Remote Control Girlfriend

Would you like a radio controlled slave for Christmas?

Master With His Human Pet

Vintage illustration of man treating woman as a human pet with links to similar images of leashed females.

Durham, NC?

Idle curiosity - do any Durham - Raleigh, Chapel Hill - North Carolina kink, fetish or BDSM folk follow me?

Sultan's Harem Discipline

Women on their knees before a master who appears ready to whip and punish them.

Bad Boys Who Brand Girls

Young men who like to mark their female property.

Slave Girl Sold in Bagdad

The Islamic world has long been a lurid and sinful place in American lowbrow popular culture.

Spikes in Her Butt

Robed and hooded men, probably Catholic Inquisitors, torment a woman by sticking spikes into her body.

Cuban Communist Bondage

Sadistic Cuban communists torment innocent American - white! - women back in the days of the cold war.

Attack of the Invisible Dominatrices

Imagine seeing just a corset and a cane - being at ther mercy of a sadistic woman you cannot see ...

Don't Hurt Yourself With Your Own Whip

Pretty blonde dominatrix loses control of her whip and accidentally spanks herself.

The Interrogation

Would you enjoy a BDSM session that involved interrogations - being questioned or questioning a helpless subject?

The Kinky Girl from A.U.N.T.I.E.

Greta Thyssen: blonde, 39-24-35 sex kitten as a fetish queen sort of spy named Dew Tell, The Girl from A.U.N.T.I.E.

International White Slavers

A depraved world-wide conspiracy that shocked the UN. Flagellation art.

Yankee Woman You Die Slowly!

Chinese Communist Commiesploitation torment of a white woman by agents of the Yellow Peril.

Elizabeth Brownrigg

Nonconsensual corporal punishment: Mother Brownrigg was a notorious 18th century sadist who tortured young women.

Sexist Female Submission

One woman scrubbing a floor, another woman cleaning, polishing a man's boots.


Evil Japanese soldier whips a white woman. And boy is it a long, long whip!

Female Orgasm Denial

Maledom: how popular is forcing women to endure chastity, go without sexual release?

Feline Punishment

Judicial torment: filling someone's pants with live cats that will scratch the malefactor. Ouch!

Fetish Pop Culture on Twitter

Find out when my BDSM and kinky blogs have new entries via Twitter.


Erotic objects, sexual entertainments, pin-ups-advertising, psychotronic, retro, vintage and contemporary.

Feed Your Girlfriend Dog Food?

Cartoon showing a naked girl, collared and leashed on the floor with pet food.

Sexy Ponygirl Dance Mix

Dance music with a kinky beat for musical fetishists.

Hooded Menace

Corporal punishment and bondage. Panther woman vs the KKK.

Sadomasochistic Disco

Musical sadism and masochism: get your beating to the beat.

Female Perversions

Dated and doubtlessly silly study of female homosexuality, lesbianism.

Bondage Clubs U.S.A.

Vintage paperback purporting to be a guide to the American fetish lifestyle groups and parties.

Slave Whipping

Drawing of a female slave being punished.

An Evening With the Marquis de Sade

Two volumes of a BDSM themed vinyl LP album from Bondage Records. (Not the Shakira music.)

Prehistoric Maledom

Perhistoric caveman dragging a cavewoman by her hair.

Buy a Dominatrix

Toys, objects, figurines, furniture all designed to look like the popular image of a dominatrix. What do you think of them? Do you buy them?

A Special Message for Masochists

Shouldn't sadists thank masochists for suffering pain for them?

Mistress Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand's formidible persona probably has put her in the Femdom fantasies of many submissive and masochistic men.

Little Red Dominatrix

What would have happened to the wolf if Little Red Riding Hood had been a dominatrix?

Gay Male Masters / Slaves

Queer male sadist and masochist images can be found on both of these sites.

Women Who Beat Up Women

Welcome to the weird and lurid fight clubs of the past where battling girls wrestle one another in apartment houses.

Foot Fetishist's Fantasy

Retifist's, podophile's ultimate blissed out vision, dream.

Girl Licking Stiletto

Pretty young woman licking another girl's stiletto shoe's heel.

For Werewolf Fetishists

Passionate werewolf romance and lingerie fetishism.

Sounds of Pain and Pleasure

Tortura: very rare 1960s vinyl LP record whose tracks purport to contain BDSM sessions.

Devil Girl with Pitchfork

Cute devil girl stabs man in ass with farming implement.


Cat fighting catwomen.

Tokyo Fetish Clubs

Japanese sex workers who cater to every fantasy.

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