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Meet Princess Dominita

She's the mean Mistress every girl (and perhaps boy) should fear. Vintage Gene Bilbrew bondage art.

Worshipping Flesh

The Flesh Worshipers: bondage and self-gratification. Gene Bilbrew cover art. Satan Press.

Bondage Discipline at Bondhaven

Vintage Mutrix bondage cover by Gene Bilbrew.

Gene Bilbrew Pony Girl

Vintage BDSM cover art by Gene Bilbrew of a young woman with a saddle on her back.

Sex Trap Bondage

Aphrodisiac laden woman fresh from an orgy falls into the clutches of a sex maniac. Vintage Gene Bilbrew cover art.

Students in Bondage

Preposterous vintage BDSM art: man is using a long chain with spike metal balls to beat a bound woman.

Swastika Sex Cult

Nazis plan to drive the world mad with depraved sex. Bondage cover art.

Fetish Farm

Fetish Farm: the Green Acres of perverse sexuality and debauched sexual deviation.

Black is for Blissful Bondage

Interracial exploitation cover art: black woman in bondage at mercy of white thugs.

Bondage in Outer Space

Science fiction, futuristic bondage art by Gene Bilbrew: Satin Satellite.

Transvestite Dominatrix

Slave Girl

Slave girl and her Mistress drawn by Gene Bilbrew.

Discipline Hour

Gene Bilbrew dominant female about to punish a cowering young woman.

Bondage Honeymoon

Vintage BDSM paperback with Gene Bilbrew / Eneg cover art.

Discipline Digest

1960s spanking, whipping, domestic discipline fetish paperback with Gene Bilbrew art.

Spanking Novel

Spanking book cover art by Gene Eneg Bilbrew.


Lurid Gene Bilbrew cover art that might have been inspired by Richard Speck's infamous crimes.

Teacher's Pet

Gene Bilbrew could probably have given a post-graduate course in sex education.

Perpetual Motion

Scantily clad women serving drinks : something for the Gene Bilbrew completists.

Lesbian Slaves

Lesbian Slaves is a novel produced for a straight male audience, not gay women.

Rubber Goddess

Female humiliation at the hands of sadistic man and woman.

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