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Female Slaves as Reindeer

Christmas variation on BDSM animal reindeer as young women are forced to pull a sleigh.

Fetish Art Blog

My new site devoted to fetish illustration, illustrators. Lots of vintage art, hope to post more modern images as well.

Gymnast's Punishment

Odd vintage BDSM drawing of a female gymnast being whipped while in motion. By Jim of Germany.

Terrible Tongue Torture

Japanese woman's pierced tongue chained to the nipples of her breast. Vintage BDSM art.

Christmas Flogger

Will you give someone a BDSM toy as a Christmas Present?

Female Slave as Tea Table

Japanese BDSM art: woman as human furniture - on hands and knees supporting transparent table top.

Time For Her Spanking

Dominant older woman rolling up her sleeves as she prepares to spank the girl kneeling nervously before her.

Men with Whips

Vintage pulp painting woman on the floor, a man holds her hair in his hand, another has a whip.

Spanked While Riding the Horse

This is one of those painful punishment horses: exceptionally intense when combined with a whipping.

Punished and Shamed

Oddly touching vintage illustration who has been whipped and humiliated for stealing.

Naked On the Spanking Bench

Young woman bound into position for the corporal punishment that is forthcoming.

Disobedience Will Not Be Tolerated

A very stern dominatrix-style teacher makes the situation clear to one of her female students.

Whipping Her Breasts

Drawing of a woman's breasts being beaten with a whip.

Inverted Bondage

Vintage Japanese bondage illustration showing a woman hung upside down from a lamp post.

Sadistic Nuns

Vintage nunsploitation BDSM art.

Spanking Platform

Bondage device for holding someone - in this example a woman - in position for corporal punishment.

Nervous in the Dungeon

Vintage illustration of a young woman chained in a dungeon who is about to be whipped.

Spanking Room

When a young woman is brought to this room she knows she's in trouble and to be punished.

Abducted, Bound, Whipped, Rescued

Woman is kidnapped, put in bondage, whipped and then rescued. Sequence of Japanese pictures.

BDSM is Fun

Illustration of young women enjoying bondage and kinky games.

Marlene's Night of Horror

Vintage image: an evening of sadomasochistic play comes to an end.

Swatting a Fly

Vintage cartoon: how to get away with slapping a sexy girl's ass in public.

Jane's Training and Suffering

Pretty blonde Jane in position to be whipped and punished.

Sheila's Discipline

Vintage drawing of a young woman punished while she's wearing a mortarboard cap.

Clamp Torment

Vintage BDSM art: bound woman tortured with a multitude of paper clamps biting into her skin.

Kink in the Library

Man and a woman standing over a female slave on her hands and knees with a book.

Riding the BDSM Horse

Illustration of an Asian woman suffering on a bondage horse.

A Pillow with Her Chains

Georges Pichard bondage drawing of a woman in uncomfortable bondage but provided with a cushion.

Women as Furniture

Forniphilia: female slaves used as human furniture.

Husband's Bondage Fantasies

Man fantasies of having his wife in bondage - or at least in a ball gag.

Pins and Needles in Breasts and Buttocks

BDSM: female chest and butt pierced with sharp pointed needles.

Blonde in Bondage

Vintage painting of a pretty blonde girl chained to a post.

Bondage Barn

Pretty illustration of an attractive woman tied up in a barn.

Pretty as a Pin-up Spanking

Decorative dominatrix and lovely submissive female in position for a whipping.

Martin van Maële

Two illustrations of women being tormented from La Grande Danse macabre des vifs.

Bill Ward F/f Spanking

Evil looking nurse treats a young woman with a spanking.

Her Red Whip Marks

A bound woman has red welt across her buttocks, back and sides.

After Her Whipping

After a session on the spanking bench a woman's corsets must be put back on and tightened.

Butlerine Bondage

A man who looks like a butler ties a woman to a bench perhaps to spank her.

Mistress' Cane

The long rod of punishment.

Asian Woman Bound and Whipped

Blond woman tied up and beast an Asian female.

Hot Wax and Bondage

Asian / Oriental BDSM painting: man dripping hot wax on the body of a woman he has tied in ropes.

Kinky Silhouettes

Sexy BDSM Silhouette

Kinky Wedding Night Bondage

Husband / groom binds bride / wife's wrists as they begin what appears to be a very kinky honeymoon.

Nipple Torture Bondage

Drawing of a man pinching the nipples of a woman in rope bondage.

Sadistic Clown Bondage

Drawing of a young woman at the mercy of a cruel looking clown wielding knives.

Bondage and Hunger

A young women has been placed in armbinders and food put before her but bondage prevents her from eating.

Female Slaves for Sale

Two pretty illustrations of women being sold into slavery in the Middle East.

More Pretty Girl Punishment

Colorful spankings and bondage by Leone Frollo.

Chains and a Whip

Female slave bound for a whipping.

Tickle Torment

A feather can be a source of torture. Vintage BDSM play and bondage.

Woman as Chair

Female slave used as human furniture. Bondage art by Gene Bilbrew.

Eric Stanton Mistress with Her Cane

Strong dominatrix / mistress / female sadist beating a young woman with a long and heavy cane.

Pretty Girls : Spanking and Bondage

Lovely Girl / girl BDSM fetish illustrations by Italian erotic artist Leone Frollo.

At the Mercy of a Sadistic Clown

Coulrophobiac BDSM: woman in the clutches of a cruel clown with a whip.

Strip For Your Whipping!

Man with cane ordering a woman to take her clothing off. Or put it on. How would I know?

In Your Dungeon

Beautiful woman on her knees and in chains in a dungeon. (BDSM Fantasy Painting)

Spanking & Discipline in the Garden

Pretty painting of a man punishing a maid while his wife watches. Pseudo-French Impressionism.

L' Inquisiteur Modern (Carlo)

Two women, a chain, a whip. Typically pretty BDSM art by Carlo.

Slave Pet of the Alien Beast Master

Alien has enslaved girl on collar and leash.

How BDSM and Fetish Art is Created

Vintage kinky artists drawing and painting. Creating BDSM paintings and drawings.

Surrealist Bondage

Two oddly erotic paintings with BDSM qualities. Surrealist kink and fetish.

Bondage Game

Woman in complex bondage situation. Would you win a prize? By Gene Bilbrew.

Bondage Beauty

Chained and gagged enslaved female in stall with food bowl.

Dwarf Menace Bondage

Women menaced by evil archers, experimented on by mad scientists. Vintage women in peril pulp cover paintings.

Mongolian Whipping

Historical fiction corporal punishment.

Ruler Spanking

In stockinged feet with her naked buttocks exposed a young women is bent over a chair waiting for punishment.

Hit Me! Hit Me!

This young woman seems to be enjoying every flick of the whip. #spanking

Valentine's Day Bondage

Two girls in bondage garb, their bodies bent to form a St. Valentine's Day heart.

Man With a Paddle

Drawing of a man paddling a woman by Carlo.

Two Men with Whips

Two beastly brutal men whipping a woman hanging from a chandelier.

Pretty Woman's Punishment

Lovely, funny, somewhat puzzling spanking, punishment illustration by Chéri Hérouard.

Flogging in the Stocks

Man punishes woman locked in stocks. 18th Century?

Early Strap-on Sex Art

Vintage, pretty image: one of the women has put on a mustache.

Her Bed-time Punishment

Femsub / Maledom cartoon: man whips woman with cat o nine tails every night before bed.

Corporal Punishment, Flagellation, Spanking

A collection of spanking and whipping art by Georges Topfer.

Robert Bishop's Bondage & Flagellation Art

Women in bondage, whipped and spanked.

Masked Female Flagellators

Eerie, mysterious masked women punish - whip - young women.

Flogging and Whipping Her

Two men together punishing a slave woman..Who is the artist? (Maledom Art).

Man With a Whip

Blond woman at the feet of two men, one holding a whip in his hand.

Georges Topfer

Copious, prolific French spanking and flagellation artist Georges Topfer.

Oral Sex and Spanking

Woman performing fellatio while the man flogs her with a cane.

Jacinthe ou les images du pêché

Lauré, Liane: Hyacinth or images of sin. Art by P. Beloti.Girl punished.

Malevolent Gremlin Bondage

Woman tied to post and tormented by weird little creatures. (Fantasy art)

The Women Kneel at His Feet

Island women worship white man and want to have his children!

Luc Lafnet: Strap-On Dildo

Vintage French erotic art.

Strap-on Sex

Two - gay? - women make love with a strap-on dildo while a man observes them unseen.

M/m Images

Male / male S&M, Bondage D/s art and photography.

Surrealist Corporal Punishment

Max Ernst's flagellation and caning collage illustrations from Victorian encyclopedias and novels.

Picador Play: An Arcane Kink

Jabbing sharp pointed objects into a woman's - or anyone's - butt as BDSM play?

Woman in Chains

Bondage art by pin-up artist Peter Driben.

Stern Moralist

Man uses whip to discipline young American women who dress in a way he disapproves of.

The Whipping Post

Édouard Chimot illustration of a woman tied to a whipping post.


Drawing of a woman - a nun - whipper herself by Georges Pichard.

Shemale and Female Chastity Art

Image gallery showing pre-op transsexuals and women wearing chastity devices.

Satyr Whipping

Mythological Maledom: a satyr or perhaps the god Pan whipping a bound female.


Kinky satirical self-portrait by French erotic artist Fredillo.

Slave Girl for Sale

Painting of a nude slave girl being auctioned off to a new master in an ancient Roman slave market.

Wartime Bondage

Soldier holds big-breasted young blood woman captive.

Slave of the Devil

Drawing of a girl at the mercy of a sadistic demon or Satan with a whip.

M/f Vacation

Maledom / femsub vacation time.

Ecstacy of Agony

Pleasure in pain: a masochist's enjoyment of being whipped.

Bucket Over Head Torture Bondage

Nazisploitation: imagine having a bucket over your head and then it is beaten making an awful noise tormenting you.

Arabian Night's Whipping

Lurid image of an Arab man whipping a bound and helpless causasian female.

McGinnis Rope Bondage

Illustration of a woman tied up with rope by Robert McGinnis.

Cuban Communist Whipping

Bearded commie sadist beating a woman - lurid old men's adventure magazine cover painting.

Decadent Flogging

Franz Von Bayros flagellation, bondage illustration in the manner of Aubrey Beardsley.

Red Heads Make Pretty Pets

Kneeling girl being exhibited, judged in pet show. Drawing by Moebius / Jean Girard.


Geo Drains man spanking woman drawing from Gestes suivis des paralipomènes d’Ubu.

Mythological Whipping

Ancient satyr of Greek myth cheefully beating a bound young woman.

Because Your Mine

Painting of a young woman in rope bondage but more than that really.

Carlo (Again)

More bizarre, colorful and kinky Female-to-female sadomasochism by Carlo.

Carlo (F/f Kink)

Artist, at times a bit peculiar and lurid, of female on female S&M and D/s.

Kami Tora : Spanked Lasses

Janpanese artist's renditions of young women after they've been punished.

Eric Stanton's Mind

What does a famous fetish artists think about?

Ed Mironiuk

Amusing and sexy tattoo and fetish illustrations.

Lurid Paperback Covers

A gallery of old paperback covers.

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