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Slave Girls in Cages

Vintage Danish BDSM movie poster for Slaves in Cages.

Whipping Practice

Learn how to use your whip properly.

Satan's Wife in Bondage

Mrs. Lucifer - Ms. Devil? is all tied up.

Brand of Shame

Movie poster showing a cowboy whipping a bound woman.

Caged Virgins

Two movie posters showing young women chained in bondage.

Vintage Movie Bondage

Stills from scenes of old psychotronic films featuring women bound by chains.

Spooky Submission

Nude submissive young woman kneeling before a skeleton. (Weird, Lurid Lobby Card.)

Baba Yaga Bondage

Kinky, sleazy Italian horror movie featuring Carroll Baker and Isabelle de Funes in Guido Crepax story.

Crotch Kicking

Angelique kicks a man in his balls in this lobby card from Pain and Pleasure.

Love is Four Letter Word

Old movie lobby card showing one girl beating another with a paddle.

Spankings and Whippings

Stills from a spanking fetish film, title unknown by me. Who was the Spider Leather Man?

Sex Slaves of the Amazon Women

Femdom film fun: helpless men are enslaved by powerful women and forced to serve their every erotic desire. Silly guys don't like it.

Shirley Temple Spanked

Famed moppet gets punished with a hairbrush in Kiss and Tell.

Vengeance of She

Olinka Berova as Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

A Female Mad Scientist?

An odd and curious lobby card.

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