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A Touch of His Whip

Vintage BDSM fiction paperback in the Captive Women Series.

Airline Stewardess' Sex Ordeal

Vintage trashy BDSM novel about an airline stewardess in bondage.

The Spanked Athlete

Would spanking athletes boost sports performance?

Abuse Me, Baby!

Bondage cover art of vintage BDSM novel Abuse Me, Baby!

Punishing His Wife

Vintage maledom BDSM trashy erotic novel about a sadistic husband. Captive Women Series.

He Loved to Hurt

Rather grim and nasty old sadomasochistic paperback cover.

The Torture Prison

Vintage paperback cover of a man spanking a woman.

Fetishes and Mind Control

Hurt Me Please

Hurt Me Please: vintage paperback sleazy kinky erotica about a female masochist. #BDSM

Love That Lasso

Vintage BDSM erotica / porn on the theme of rope bondage. Old paperback in the Bizarre Women Series.

Stockbroker Bondage

Vintage cover art of a perverted stockbroker gives financial domination an new twist.

Spanking Mommy

Very kinky spanking erotica about a young man who spanks an older woman, maybe his mother.

Lesbians in Chains

Vintage entertainment for heterosexual men - Discipline Books, Training, Lesbians in Chains.

Twisted Passions Amok in a Night of Lust

Vintage paperback bondage cover art on Wanted: Sin Men by Don Holliday.

Wives in Bondage

More vintage BDSM erotica in the Captive Women series.

Spank Me Harder, Lover!

Male dominant spanking fiction (cover photograph).

Poker Game Bondage Slave

Vintage image of M/f objectification as property: woman offered as prize of card game.

The Submissive Female

Vintage maledom / femsub text: The Submissive Female, Anthony Parr, PhD

Motorcycle Gang Bondage

Vintage BDSM book cover showing a girl abducted and bound by a biker gang: Kidnapped by Bikers.

Rural Spanking and Bondage School

Redneck BDSM, Fetish & Kink? Don't have some kinky books have titles they don't live up to? Spanking cover art.

Wife is Her Husband's Slave

And how does Master Husband treat his enslaved wife?

Bondage & Kink at the Ranch

Vintage BDSM book cover showing a young woman in bondage at a dude ranch.

Wicked Wanton Women in Highed-Heeled Leather Boots

Vintage BDSM paperback promising weird and lurid sex performed by women for wealthy perverts.

Northern Lash

Vintage BDSM nove.

Castle of Submission

Submissive woman in rope bondage in the castle's dungeon.

Addicted to Spanking

Love Addict: the story of a spankophile service station who spanked his female customers?

Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment by Dr. Gerder Mundinger, the author of Spankers Anonymous.

Young Women Bound, Gagged and Punished

Helpless Girls: Roped, Gagged & Spanked (Dr. Lamb Library)

Robert Bishop Bondage Covers

Vintage maledom / femsub BDSM bondage book cover art by Robert Bishop.

College Bondage Club?

University students' secret BDSM society? Merely evil men? Perverts?

Slave Wife in Chains

Collar instead of wedding ring? How may now whip the bride. Ah, the vintage kinky images of yesteryear.

Rings on Sally

The manly master on the cover this sadomasochistic novel looks silly, whip or no whip.

Whipped Bitch

Whips and chains: violent vintage BDSM paperback cover art.

Master of Punishment

More maledom sadism and bondage in the captive women series.

Bondage Romance

Bondage Romance: Master ties up submissive woman.

Girl Tamer (Bondage Cover)

Vintage maledom BDSM / sleaze cover art of a man tying up a young woman.

Cycle Sadist

Vintage BDSM fiction with an exceptionally cheesy bondage cover photograph. By Ben Paule.

Naked Woman in Boat Bondage

Col Cameron art for John Slater's Woman of Blood Island - interracial wartime sexploitation fiction.

To Hell With Love

Vintage OTK spanking cover art depicting the risqué adventures of an amorous South American woman.

Porn Spankings and Bondage

1980s era maledom BDSM pornographic paper back cover art.

Iron Maiden Bondage

Mean looking vintage BDSM porn cover art of a women locked into the torture device.

Black Female Slave in Chains

Interracial exploitation Plantation Gothic cover art showing a black woman bound in chains.

The Torture Prison

The Torture Prison by Freeman Monk was part of the Captive Women Series.

Sixth Sense S&M

ESP, bondage, scarification (Vintage Maledom Sleaze Paperback Cover Art).

Sin Hipsters

Vintage maledom BDSM cover art. Vintage sleaze about passion bums!


Evil man strikes woman with riding crop. Will our hero save her from fiendish torture?


Why is the bashful young prig slapping the kneeling woman in a bikini in the face?

The Cowboy and the Dance Hall Floozie

Is the cowboy going to whip the woman with his gun belt?

The Golden Hussy

Vintage maledom sleaze: Black man whips wicked white woman?

Shame Dame

Shame Dame: vintage sleaze paperback cover with maledom, roughie cover art.

Psycho Sin

Psycho Sin's cover depicts a man whipping a woman with a belt. #Maledom.

Amorous Captive

Amorous Captive: BDSM cover art with a woman as a galley slave forced to row the oars.

Lust Lord

Is the young punk going to use his belt to whip the naked woman?

Betty and the Beast

Vintage sleaze for fans of domination and flagellation of women. #BDSM.

Lust Market

Lust Market: vintage sleazy paperback with brutal whipping cover art.

Crossroads of Lust

Crossroads of Lust: maledom paperback with hand spanking cover.

Sadist in a Wheelchair

Woman is enslaved by a crippled - disabled - man in Shame House.

Disciplined Daughter

Her home life was filled with endless torment, punishment and humiliation.

Rape and Harem Bondage

Wicked Muslim leave beautiful white woman tied up in the desert on the cover of this old maledom paperback.

Lust Campus

Vintage sleaze paperback cover: woman whipped with barbed wire.

Flesh Festival

Mad lust explodes in a city of sin: man holding whip facing a naked woman on the floor.

Tame a Tiger (With a Belt)

Man about to whip a naked blond woman with his belt. Male dominant, sadistic sleaze fiction.

The Lust Monster

Maledom : Depraved man with a whip has a half-naked woman bound by chains.

Poker Bondage

Poker player wagers his girlfriends as the stakes in the game. Vintage bondage cover.

Chair Cruelle

French book cover with a man giving a woman he has over his lap a hand spanking.

Master Race Bondage

Madman enslaves women as part of his scheme to breed a master race (for world domination I'd guess).

He Tied Her Up ...

He tied her up - locked her up - and used her!

Love is a Gentle Whip

A man holds a whip while a woman ... ? Perhaps a domestic discipline scene.

Plantation Gothic Kink

White Masters with whips and leather boots dominant black female slaves.

Sin Sucker

Man beats women from beauty contest with a belt.

Birth of a Tramp

Boyfriend (husband?) giving girlfriend (wife) a disciplinary over the knee hand spanking.

The Lust Students

Woman over a barrel cover art and passion dupes to boot!

The Pain Lusters

Maledom bondage cover: Sin-sick minds demanded pain-tortured bodies!

Flesh Casino

Maledom sadomasochism: man in cape whips suspended female.

The Mating Cry

What does the man with the whip want from the woman tied to the chair?

Les Pirates de Gor

John Norman's maledom, male supremacist fantasy series was pulished in France.

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