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Bettie Page Christmas

A naked Bettie Page with Mr. Snowman under the Christmas tree.

Mistress Kitten

Russ Meyer's Kitten Natividad as a Dominatrix.

Sole Sánchez Mohamed's Bondage Photograph

Politician Sole Sánchez Mohamed's erotically charged, allegedly sexist photographs.

Bettie Page Reveals All

Bettie Page Reveals All is a forthcoming biographical movie about the celebrated fetish and glamor model.

Zoma the Sadist

Also called Zoma the Depraved. Dominatrixish carnival sideshow geek.

Elizabeth Taylor Spanked

Images of Dita Von Teese in Russia

Photographs of famed fetish model Dita Von Teese's appearance in a Russian faashion magazine.

Lady Gaga in Chains

The beautiful Lady Gaga confined by handcuffs and chains.

Lady Gaga in Bondage

Photographs of Lady Gaga bound in various positions.

Grace Jones in Bondage?

Supermodel, film star, pop singer in leather restraints.

Mistress Melanie

Mel B. as a dominatrix of sorts in kinky neo-burlesque musical with Playboy centerfold model Kelly Monaco.

Evan Rachel Wood in Bondage

Lingerie, chair, rope, cigarette, model - what more do you want?

Katy's Corset

Pop star Katy Perry seeks to establish a more adult erotic image.

Shawna Kenney Interviewed

Author of I Was a Teenage Dominatrix on professional kink and time spent as a stripper.

Fetish Princess Britney

Pop singer Britney Spears using leather boots, corsets and fetishistic costumes on her current tour.

Bettie Page's Shoes

Bettie Page magazine covers.

Angelina Jolie, Bondage and S&M

Actress Angela Jolie discusses fetish and kink in video.

Mistress Jenny Celerier

Female domination as a sales tool.

Fetish Mistress Rihanna

Pop singer's use of kinky dominatrix garb in concerts.

I Need Some Discipline Tonight

Janet Jackson as femsub?

Mistress Carmen?

How many man have had fantasies of Carmen Electra as a female sadist or dominant?

Tana Louise

Exotique fetishwear model in leather outfit with boots and riding crop.

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