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Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend Enema

Vintage male / female enema photograph with links to some other enemta fetish images.

Girl in the Dog Mask

Female slave as human pet (puppy?). Links to more images of woman in submissive pet roleplaying.

Vintage Enema Photographs

Vintage black and white photos of Asian (Japanese?) female enema scenes.

Ouch! That Hurts!

Vintage photograph of woman's face while she is being spanked by a man.

Human Pony Wearing Her Bridle

Vintage M/f animal roleplay photograph. Bridled human horse/pony.

Myra Learns Ropes

Highly attractive color corsets and stockings cover photograph. John Willie, Exotique.

Modernist Spanking Bench

This sleek chrome device would make a very attractive flagellation station don't you think?

Nuns are Cruel and Mean

Vintage photograph of a nun addicted to flagellation and spanking of young women.

Her Butt, His Cane

Vintage photograph of a young woman's naked buttocks being spanked with a cane.

Kinky Initiation

Two sorority girls, a leash and a lash.

On the Bed Hand Spanking

Vintage photograph of a F/f over her lap, on the bed hand spanking.

Vintage Animal Roleplay

Vintage photograph of three kinky women having a good time.

Girl as Girl's Pet

Female has female human bunny - ! - on leash.

Her Butt Hurts

Post-spanking a woman rubs her very sore buttocks.

Woman on the Rack

Vintage BDSM photograph - woman being stretched on a torture rack.

Breast Torment

What sadists do to women's breasts with cane, cigarette and mousetraps. Vintage photographs.

Spanked in the Woods

Vintage fetish model in bondage between trees while another woman gives her a spanking.

Answer My Questions

Two blonde women: one bound, the other whipping and interrogating the one in bondage.

Sado Maso Disco

Bondage and punishment to a driving disco beat.

Early Female / female Spanking Photographs

Very interesting and attractive vintage same-same sex corporal punishment scenes.

Vintage Fetish Girls

Photograph of kinky young women at sadomasochistic play.

Public Library Spanking

Woman being spanked with a cane in what appears to be a public library.

Spanked with a Belt

Photograph featuring three naked women and a leather belt.

Public Spanking

Vintage photograph of OTK spanking at some sort of public meeting or event.

Spankings & Black Stockings

Three vintage photograph of a young woman whose naked butt is in position for punishment.

Light Flogging

Very mild vintage BDSM photograph.

Women and Whips

Vintage photograph of one woman whipping another woman.

Bicycle as Spanking Bench

Vintage - 1970s? - photographed of a girl getting a hand spanking while bent over the handlebars of a bike.

Chains and Discipline

Vintage photograph of a young woman on her knees and another - dominant - woman about to punish her.

That Old Ball & Chain

Woman has a heavy metal ball and a chain attached to her leg as a form of restraint.

A Happy Kinky Family

Vintage fetish photographs: cheerful naked kinky group portrait.

Spanked on the Floor

Attractive, interesting vintage photograph of one young woman spanking a girl who is on her hands and knees.

Two Girls and a Flogger

Very gentle vintage BDSM photograph: one girl flogging another female.

Clothespins and Bondage

Vintage M/f BDSM photograph: woman bound with many clothespins attached to her body.

Vintage Dominas

Photographs of female sadists, dominant women and links to a diverse assortment of similar images.

Les Belles Flagellantes

Pretty young women being whipped and spanked. Perhaps based on The Beautiful Flagellants of Chicago, Boston and New York.

Flapper Dominatrix?

A photograph of a young 1920s dominant woman with cane or just my wishful thinking?

Extreme Pony Play?

Photograph of a woman riding on the back of people as if they were animals.

Whipping Andy Warhol

Model in thigh high boots - not Valerie Solanas - takes a whip to Andy Warhol.

M/m Images

Male / male S&M, Bondage D/s art and photography.

Charles Guyette: Fetish Photographer

Pioneering vintage bondage, pony girl and femdom photographs by Charles Guyette.

On Her Knees

Black and white photo of a nude young woman kneeling in humble worship.

Japan's S&M Love Hotels

Fetish and kink in Japan. Photographs of a Japanese dominiatrix, woman in bondage.

NYC Femdom

Photographs of New York dominatrices and a male slave.

Kissing Master's Boots

Photograph of a female slave kissing her owner's boots.

Kiss Master's Whip

Female submissive kissing her Master's hand in which he holds a whip.

Kneeling at Her Food Bowl

Submissive female human pet on her hands and knees.

Girls on Leashes

Man has two women collared and leashed as if they were puppies or dogs (pet play).


Enigmatic genderqueer male-female wearing mask, exhibiting penis.

More Masked Women

Photographs of anonymous and unusual sexy women wearing masks opera gloves, bat wings and bunny ears.

Masked Women

Vintage photographs of women whose mood and motivation is hidden behind black masks.

Upside Down Bondage and ...

Bondage and psuedo-macorphile photographs by Danilo Pasquali.

What a Big Whip She Has!

Femdom: female sadist holding whip faces kneeling man in his underwear.

Beware Girl Giantess' Foot

Macrophile, crush, foot fetish delight - giant girl's foot stomps on city.

Fantastic Fetish Fashion Photography

Artistic, extreme sadomasochistic and bondage photographs.

Images of Dita Von Teese in Russia

Photographs of famed fetish model Dita Von Teese's appearance in a Russian faashion magazine.

Vintage Femdom

Vintage dominatrix and male submission to dominant women photographs.

Beware of Teacher

Looks like a female student is about to be published by her female teacher.

Cigarette Smoking for Foot Fetishists

Capnolagnia plus Podophilia: pretty young woman smoking a cigarette she has clenched between her toes.

Kinky Thanksgiving

Bound and helpless woman who is to be eaten as Thanksgiving turkey (cannible fetish).

Pretty Girl in Bondage

Photographs of a lovely young woman bound by rope and rope used as couture.

Retifism as Punk Art

Photograph of a man kissing a woman's shoes.

Giant Shoe Crushes Man

Giant red shoe about to crush down on a prone fearful man.

Hair Pull

Dominant man holds two submissive women by their hair.

Mistress Claudia

Claudia Schiffer as a dominatrix.

Lady Gaga in Bondage

Photographs of Lady Gaga bound in various positions.

An Academy for Boys

Imagine a school for young men some of whom are very bad boys. Naturally they will require a stern, statuesque headmistress to keep them in control, their wickedness caged.

Maitresse 1930s

Photographs of a 1934 French Mistress that may have some odd connection with the story of Puss in Boots.

Identical Twin Spanking

One young woman gives her twin sister an over-the-knee hand spanking.

Haute Couture Bondage

Highly stylized photographs of female fashion models in faux bondage.

Kissing Her Boot

Cute female kissing another female's footwear photograph. Romantic same-sex retifism.

Macrophile's Fantasy

Gigantic woman's shoe crushes man.

Vintage Mistresses

More older photographs of female domination including one exceptionally weird picture well worth seeing.

Retro Dominatrices

Black and white photographs of women posing in dominatrix-style boots and leather outfit.

Lingerie Model in Bondage

Bound lingerie model - no more, no less : gratuitous photograph.

Images of Apnea

Kinky photographs of fetish model Apnea.

Japanese Girls in Fishnet Stockings

Photographic gallery of young Japanese women wearing lingerie.

Yet Again Vintage Dommes

Black and white photographs of Femdom Mistresses, dominatrices.

More Vintage Dommes

Photos of dominant women and female sadists from times gone by.

Vintage Dommes

Old photographs of dominant women, female sadists.

My Fetish Valentine

Barbara Nitke

Fetish scene photographs.

H.P. Lovecraft + Marquis de Sade

Dirk Hooper's photo of Toxic Goddess Selkie from toxicgoddess.com.

Motel Fetish

Retro photography of scantily clad women in motel rooms.

Irving Klaw's Antique Erotica

Vintage bondage photographs, including Bettie Page.

Vintage Female Photography

Early erotic images of women.

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