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Pain for Sale

Vintage illustration of a woman being beaten with a long knotted whip.

Civil War Bondage

Lustful renegade American soldier has a woman at his mercy!

The Truth About Sex and Pain

Vintage mass market covert BDSM that you could once by at the drug store.

That Wall Has Spikes and Is Moving!

Vintage lurid 1960s women in peril and bondage men's magazine cover.

Bent Over the Piano Spanking

Slant Magazine cover: Lance seems to be a man who fights crime while spanking women.

Spanked Nymph

Cover of vintage girlie / men's magazine, Nymph.

Skeletal Whipping

Man in a weird Halloween skeleton costume flogging a woman with a long strip of rawhide.

Christina Lindberg Collared and Chained

Swedish actress on her knees wearing a collar attached to a leash (Maledom Photography).

Satan's Scrapbook

Man in Devil costume standing over half-naked, kneeling woman in lingerie.

Alien Sex Fiend Flogging!

Psychotronic sadistic alien creatures want to whip our women. Why ... ?

Her Dungeon Flogging

Maledom: man punishes - beats anyway - a manacled woman he has in a dungeon. Sukia cover art.

Femmes With Swords

Two girls in nylon stockings fencing. Cover photographs of an issue of a magazine entitled Les Dames.

Love Slavery

Maledom meets sex science on the cover of Sexology.

Nazi Sleaze

Lurid Nazi torture covers on 1960s men's magazines once very popular in America.

Sophia Valentine's Leather Paddle

Actress helps ad agency promote MASSAD a Dutch fetish magazine.

Women in Crime

Half-naked woman with a gun.

Vintage Fetish Magazines

Collection of magazine covers.

Secret Magazine

Small selection of sample photographs shown on site.

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