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True Bondage

Women in bondage vintage cover photographs of True magazine.

Ernest Borgnine Bondage

Appealingly lurid bondage pulp art. I don't know why Ernest Borgnine's head is present.

John Templar Bondage

Dutch adventure magazine with a woman in peril / bondage cover scene.

Daring Flogging

Vintage crime pulp magazine cover depicts a young woman being whipped.

Exposed: Girls in Bondage

Vintage sexploitation pulp: Smashing the White Slave Market!

Slave Wife in Bondage

Oregon's Tragedy of the White Slave Bride

Weird Menace Bondage

Old pulp magazine painted cover of hooded men who have a woman bound and helpless.

Dwarf Menace Bondage

Women menaced by evil archers, experimented on by mad scientists. Vintage women in peril pulp cover paintings.

Spicy Detective Whipping

Vintage sleazy pulp magazine showing a man, a woman and a very big whip.

Weird Tales of Women in Bondage

Early American pulp magazine cover art showing women in peril, being whipped, menaced.

French Pulp Bondage

Aventures: French adventure pulp magazine with bondage covers, including interracial.

Enslaved to Satan

Terror Tales pulp magazine cover showing a woman in bondage.

Woman in the Stocks

Terror Tales bondage cover showing a woman bound in stocks.

Mystery Adventure Bondage

Mystery Adventures bondage cover for Eye of the Fiend.

Off Beat Bondage

Detective pulp cover art showing women in bondage - bound by restraints: shackles, handcuffs, leashes, ropes.

Slave Girls of Planet Venus

A Venusian tyrant who enslaved pretty young women.

10-Story Bondage

Detective pulp with predicament bondage cover.

Oriental Bondage

Asian soldier has frightened caucasian female in bondage.

Ravished Beauty

Manhattan Madness

She was a 1930s vamp or a gangster's moll and he mind was bent on murder.

The Robot Awakes

Truly Bound and Gagged

Pulp photo cover of a woman bound and gagged.

The Spicy Pulps

Faux sin and sleaze in 1930s American pulp magazine publishing.

Movie-Mad Beauty

True bondage cover.

Forest Fury

Spicy Adventure Stories cover: man whipping woman.


Whip wielding young woman on cowboy pulp cover.

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