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Kissing Her Master's Feet

Female slave on her hand and knees worshiping her Master's foot. (Podophile but not podophilia)

Mary's Foot Slave

Woman licking another's red boots on cover of Underfoot Volume 1, Number 5.

Tiptop for Foot Fetishists

Toptop: a magazine for podophiles, toe suckers and foot lickers.

Keep Her Where She Belongs ...

Retifist ad: woman on the floor engaged in shoe worship.

Judicial Retifism

Man in English lawyer's wig on the floor kissing a woman's shoe (Scene from a Film).

Her Foot On His Head

Woman's heeled shoe on the top of a man's head.

Arabian Night's Foot Worship

French magazine or book cover featuring fantasy Oriental scene of a man kissing a woman's foot.

Cigarette Smoking for Foot Fetishists

Capnolagnia plus Podophilia: pretty young woman smoking a cigarette she has clenched between her toes.

Retifism as Punk Art

Photograph of a man kissing a woman's shoes.

Foot Domination

Movie ad that shows a man on his back on the floor under a woman's foot.

Kissing Her Boot

Cute female kissing another female's footwear photograph. Romantic same-sex retifism.

Foot Fetishist's Fantasy

Retifist's, podophile's ultimate blissed out vision, dream.

Fetish Films Quarterly

Reviews of kinky movies.

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