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The Spanke Shoppe

Need a spanking but all alone? For a small fee the Spanke Shoppe with give you what you crave.

Santa Spanks a Bad Girl

Santa Claus takes a young woman over his lap to give her a hand spanking.

Krampus Christmas Punishments

Krampus punishes sins and misbehavior at Christmas with spankings, birchings and whippings.

Kane = Corporal Punishment

Early covers of British spanking magazine Kane once published by Harrison Marks.

Las Vegas Sadist

Vintage foreign poster showing a man whipping a bound woman in Las Vegas.

Across the Knees Spanking

Vintage spankphile magazine from the groovy era.

Naughty Girl's Punishment

Bondage and spanking is the payment a bad girl must make for wearing her Mistress' clothes.

Spankings Make for Better Sex

Consensual erotic spankings and other kinky practices can make for superior orgasms.

Her Naked Butt, His Paddle

Man gives woman an intense paddling. Vintage corporal punishment photograph.

Ruffled Cuffs Spanking

Why is the man spanking the young woman's naked ass wearing such fancy old-fashioned cuffs?

Ropes, Gag, Hairbrush

Vintage photograph: woman tied up with roped, gagged and spanked with a hairbrush.

How She Learned Long Division

A spanking can advance a student's mathematical education.

Hand Spanking on the Couch

Young woman is pinned face down on a couch while her naked buttocks are spanked.

Over the Chair Spanking

Vintage young woman's naked butt hand spanking photograph.

Hairbrush Discipline

Tearful young woman's buttocks ache after a sever spanking with a hairbrush.

Vintage Hairbrush Spanking

Vintage photo of a woman using a hairbrush to punish another woman.

Spanked in a Pub

Young woman being spanked in a public place. Pub, pool hall, bar or - ?

Spanked Among the Grass

is the man spanking the woman a fisherman? A farmer? How can we tell?

Early Handspanking

Man sitting on couch holds woman over his leg and spanks her naked buttocks.

Two With One Stroke

Vintage photograph of two women side-by-side being spanked at the same time.

1920s Spanking

Vintage photograph of girl wearing white stockings in position to be spanked with a cane.

Women Spanking Women : An Assortment

Vintage spanking art: small collection of F/f corporal punishment.

Spankers' Holiday

Spanking cover art of vintage spankophile novel Spankers' Holiday.

Spanked On a Log

Girl spanked by a woman sitting on a log in the woods. Vintage photograph.

Her Paddling

Vintage photograph of a young woman being spanked with a paddle.

A Cane On Her Buttocks

Vintage photograph of a young woman being spanked with a cane.

Spanked with a Riding Crop

Vintage photograph of a young woman being whipped with a riding crop.

Spanked By a Girl with Pigtails

F/f OTK canning vintage photograph.

Caned in Bed

Vintage photograph: young woman kneeling on her bed being spanked with a cane.

The Strokes of His Cane

Vintage photographs of a man spanking a woman with a cane.

Police Spanking

Two cops spank two young women they have over their laps.

Spanked On a Train

Color illustration of an OTK spanking in a train compartment.


Vintage spanking art: man takes woman over his knee to spank her with his hand.

The Perverted Aryan

Vintage sleazy spanking erotica showing a man spanking a woman. Aryan?

Nude Spanking

Actually the young woman being spanked is wearing heels and stockings. F/f vintage photograph.

Summer Spanking School

Cover photograph of a vintage spankophile publication.

Men Spanking Women

A few vintage photographs of M/f corporal punishment.

Over Her Lap

Young woman getting a hand spanking from a mature woman.

Women in Pain

Women in Pain Issue 2: vintage spanking magazine.

Spanking Photo Album Volume 5

Vintage spankophile publication featuring a girl getting spanked with a flyswatter on the cover.

Not Sparing the Rod

Vintage photograph of a woman disciplining a girl by beating her with a cane.

1970s Spanking

Early 1970s or late 1960s M/f hand spanking photograph.

Man Spanking Woman Over His Knee

Vintage M/f spanking photograph.

Pretty Girl's Hand Spanking

Early F/f spanking photograph.

Catholic Penance Flagellation

Vintage image of a young woman chained in a dungeon having her body whipped by a Roman Catholic nun.

Vintage Hand Spanking

Vintage photograph of a woman positioned in bed getting spanked by hand.

Naughty Girl's Punishment

Pretty vintage image of a young woman wearing white stocking who has just been whipped with a cane.

Her Sore Buttocks

Vintage photograph of a woman massaging her butt after being spanked with a cane.

Over the Back of the Chair

Vintage photograph of a woman being spanked, whipped while bent over the back of a chair.

Her Hard Spanking

Vintage image of a young woman receiving a brutal looking over-the-knee hand spanking.

Spanked By Masked Women

Very early and I think interesting punishment and flogging photograph.

Vintage Flogging

Vintage spanking photograph of a young woman being punished with a flogger.

Vintage Birching

Vintage photograph of a young woman being spanked with birches.

Lashing Lass

Vintage spanking erotica about a woman who likes to whip other females. Should she be a super-heroine?

Kneeling Over the Couch

Corset wearing woman bent over in position for a whipping with a cane.

Spanking Queen

Spanking Queen: vintage corporal punishment photographs.

To Honor and Obey

Fake vintage sleaze paperback novel by Kami Tora of males spanking females.

Blackmail Spanking

Vintage bizarre sleaze: what is the connection between spanking a young woman with a hairbrush and spanking her?


Spank O Rama, a Satellite publication that published spanking photographs.

Group Flagellation

Drawing of an imagined 18th century drawing room spanking orgy.

Vintage Spanking Cartoons

Vintage spanking cartoons at Sex is Funny.

How She Got Her Red Welts

Man demonstrates to another how to spank a woman with a belt and make red welts on her buttocks.

Eric Galton's Spanking Art

Eric Galton: early 20th century French erotic artist specializing in the chastisement and punishment of young women.

69 Spanking

Vintage illustration: oral sex and flagellation.

Gentle Flogging

Vintage illustration of a man softly whipping a woman with his flogger. #Spanking

Limousine Spanking

Man in the back of a limousine spanking a bound woman. Vintage BDSM art.

Boyfriend Spanks His Girlfriend

Spanking Illustration: handsome blonde youth spanks his pretty girlfriend until her butt cheeks are red.

Young Woman's Punishment

Series of vintage photographs showing a girl given a disciplinary spanking with a cane.

Ping Pong Paddle Punishment

Woman gets a spanking with a ping pong paddle. Vintage photograph.

Spankophile Bookplate

Wouldn't a flagellation scene make a perfect bookplate for the spanking books in your collection?

Spanked in the Dark

Vintage spanking illustration of a man spanking a woman holding her on the bed.

Naughty Schoolgirl

Vintage -1925 - photograph of a young woman's buttocks are beaten to aid her in the pursuit of knowledge.

Focus on the Spanking

Close up photograph of a woman being spanked.

Memín Pinguín Spanking

Strong masculine man gives a woman an over the lap hand spanking on the cover of Memín Pinguín, a Mexican funnybook.

Mexican Spanking

Man spanking a woman on the cover of an issue of the Mexican comic book Pinguin.

Mexican Wrestler Spanking

Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler-hero giving a woman an OTK hand-spanking.

Dan's Discipline

Dan's Discipline, starring Paul Baressi vintage spanking video. Cover photograph.

Early 20th Century Spanking

Very very vintage F/f corporal punishment photograph.

Spanked Out of Doors

Vintage spanking photograph of a smiling young woman being punished in the open air.

Driving Lesson

French spanking cartoon: driving instructor uses his cane to help a young woman learn how to drive.

Sex to Sexty Spanking

Spanking cover art on the most sleazy, crude, tasteless sexual humor magazine in human history, Sex to Sexty.

Wife Spanking License

Would this document make it legal for you to spank your wife or girlfriend? What do you think.

You Can Spank Two as Easily as One

Perhaps not but that is the gist of this corporal punishment photograph featuring two spankees.

Blonde Hairdo Spanking

Vintage over the lap M/f hand spanking of a woman in garters stocking and that blonde hair.

Your Naked Butt Locks So Nice ...

Vintage hand spanking photograph.

Spanked with a Gloved Hand

Vintage spanking photograph: how does a glove on the hand affect the impact, duration, quality of corporal punishment?

Butts Are For Spanking

Simple, straightforward vintage F/f spanking photograph.

Spanking Mommy

Very kinky spanking erotica about a young man who spanks an older woman, maybe his mother.

Upside Down Spanking

Vintage photograph of a reverse position on the lap M/f hand spanking.

Spankings Are Funny

Collection of vintage gag cartoon corporal punishment. Humorists include Dan DeCarlo and Bill Ward.

Belt Spanking (F/f)

This vintage photograph does not tell us why one roller derby girl is whipping another.

His Rod, Her Buttocks

Drawing: man holding a cane next to a woman bent over with her skirt lifted ready for punishment.

F/f Corporal Punishment

Vintage BDSM illustrations: women paddling, whipping, spanking another female.

Did Her Psychologist Tell Him to Spank Her?

Psychiatrist psychoanalyst counselor therapist prescribed spanking? (Vintage Cartoon)

Why a Flogger?

Illustration of a woman being flogged in her bed.

Woman Bound and Whipped

Attractive vintage F/f flagellation painting.

Cozy Spanking

In a comfortable living room a man is spanking a woman. (Vintage illustration)

... And Then She'd Paddle Me With A Brush ...

Vintage illustration of a young woman being taken over a lap and disciplined with a spanking.

The Flick of Master's Cane

Woman is punished with a cane whipping (illustration).

Fessée Means Spanking in French

Cover of a back issue of Fessée the spankophile magazine.

Bicycle as Spanking Bench

Vintage - 1970s? - photographed of a girl getting a hand spanking while bent over the handlebars of a bike.

At Her Master's Feet

Drawing of a kneeling woman being disciplined by a man wielding a cane.

Time For Her Whipping

Vintage corporal punishment and discipline art.

Public Whipping

Spanking art: woman punished in public square as crowd watches.

Spankings Are Fun

Vintage illustration of two young women enjoying a hand spanking on the couch.

Her Double Whipping

Woman being whipped and beaten by two sadistic women.

Fantasy Spanking - Your Fantasy Perhaps?

Man spanks young woman while another female performs cunnilingus.

Spanked in a Barn

Vintage spanking art in a rural setting.

Spanked Female Butts

Spanking art: drawings of the buttocks of women who have received corporal punishment.

Gretchen Spanks Maria

Woman punishes her maid for getting drunk.

Spanking Station

Household spot for storing spanking implements and positioning buttocks for domestic discipline.

Man Administering Punishment

Man - Master -?- whipping his slave -?- girl.

Red Marks on Her Skin

Women whose flesh show red stripes - welts -from being punished and whipped. (Illustrations)

Spanked on the Floor

Attractive, interesting vintage photograph of one young woman spanking a girl who is on her hands and knees.

Spanked in Bed

Vintage drawing of one pretty girl using a cane on another in her bed.

Spank Me 'Til I Come

Spank Me 'Til I Come: Spanking a girl gives gives the spanker -a man - an erection.

Hairbrush Discipline

Young woman bent over the bed receiving a hairbrush spanking at bedtime.

Lolita's Spanking

Pretty girl's naked butt gets a hand spanking.

Spanked by a Nurse

A nurse inflicts medicinal corporal punishment as she disciplines a bound young woman.

Birch Spanking

Attractive vintage painting of a woman of a young woman with her hands tied receiving corporal punishment.

Three Girls at Once

Three young women on their knees being spanked with a knotted something-or-other..Vintage corporal punishment art.

Mistress Canes Miss

Vintage photograph of a young woman receiving harsh corporal punishment from a cane.

Spanking Girls in 1969

Two vintage documentary casebooks by spankologist Dr Guenter Klow.

Most Decorous Spanking

Vintage illustration of a well-dressed upper class woman giving another an OTK hand spanking.

Punished by Her Mistress

Girl given an OTK hand spanking either in a dungeon or a school room (can't tell - can you?).

Strong Armed Punishment

Vintage BDSM art: Powerful looking muscular woman spanks two helpless young ladies.

Boyfriend Spanks Girlfriend

A young man's hand and a young woman's butt.

Spanked While Others Watch

Imagine someone being beaten for the amusement and entertainment of spectators.

Woman Blindfolded and Tied to a Chair

Vintage BDSM 'zine: Janus: A Journal for the Modern Discerning Adult.

Discipline is Love

An image for those with a Roman Catholic nun spanking and punishment fetish.

Gagged and Whipped

Woman at the mercy of a sadistic master who uses his whip with force and cruelty.

Tied to the Spanking Bench

Girl in a dungeon strapped to a spanking bench being spanked.

Punished in Sultan's Harem

Female slave disciplined by being bound and whipped.

Hard Hand - Strong Paddle Will Spank

Spankophile publication: Hard Hand - Strong Paddle Will Spank.

Schoolgirl's Discipline

Truant young woman taken over her headmaster's lap for a spanking. Headmaster, William St. Cyr..

Girls & a Paddle

Young women spanked with a device that might be a paddle. Might not. Can you tell?

A Hand Print on Her Buttocks

Young woman receiving hand spanking. Vintage political art?

Naked and Kneeling

Vintage BDSM photograph: young women in position for a man to give them a birch rod spanking.

Wild Fetish Girl's Whipping

A rich girl's - a debutante's - spanking.

Spanked at the Office

Employer takes a leather strap to the naked backside of his secretary.

Spanked in Her Bed

Woman flogged while lying across her bed.

Her Upside Down Whipping

Interesting BDSM dungeon bondage contrivance used to position a woman when she is whipped.

Naughty Young Misses Punished

Group birch bundle spanking of misbehaved school girls.

Young Lady's Hairbrush Spanking

Genteel and tasteful corporal punishment of a young miss.

Picnic Spanking

Young lady spanked at tea time or while on a picnic.

Spanked in the Kitchen

Young woman gets a hairbrush spanking in the kitchen. Did she cook something badly?

Swing Flagellation

Young woman on a swing being whipped with a leather belt.

Two Girls Tied to Whipping Posts

Vintage flagellation art of two young women being whipped and beaten.

Her Poor Report Card?

Is the young woman being spanked because she got bad grades in school?

Master Punishes His Servant

Poor young woman drops and breaks something and her master brings out his cane for discipline.

Bad Girl's Spanking

F/f OTK discipline and punishment.

Fun With a Paddle

One young woman gives another a spanking with a paddle.

Under Her Master's Hand

OTK discipline of a femsub.

Nightly Flagellation

Young male spanks, whips his girlfriend, wife for pleasure they both enjoy.

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

F/f over the knee paddling with a hairbrush.

Wedding Night Spanking

Kinky honeymoon: husband spanks his new bride.

Educational Chastisement

Young women punished and disciplined with a long cane.

Addicted to Spanking

Love Addict: the story of a spankophile service station who spanked his female customers?

Renaissance Spanking

Illustration in the manner of the European Renaissance depicting a group of girls enjoying being spanked.

Disciplining a Domestic

A servant - a maid - faces punishment - spanking - from a woman wielding a tawse.

Bill Ward's M/f Spanking Cartoons

Men spanking women - vintage Bill Ward fetish art.

On Her Stomach

Woman whipped while lying on her belly across a couch. Georges Topfer art.

George Spanked Judith Until Her Cheeks Were Crimson

Man spanks woman while other women watch.

Prim Spanking

Proper ladies use birch rods on the buttocks of a perhaps improper girl.

Maid Spanks Maid

Vintage photograph of two maids. Why are 19th century domestic servants so popular in BDSM images?

Wives: How to Spank Your Husband

Sneak up behind him with a big paddle and let him have it. (Also works between girlfriends and boyfriends of course.)

Jay Em's Spanking Art

Boyfriends, husbands using hands and paddles to discipline girlfriends, wives.

Nell in Bridewell: Female Flagellation

Art from Women in Prison novel Nell in Bridewell: birching, whipping, etc.

The Shadow of His Hand

The moment before the first stroke in the over the knee spanking of a woman.

Waiting for Her Caning

A young woman kneels waiting for the blows of the cane to begin a session of discipline and punishment.

Bedpost Birching

Young woman tied to a bed and beaten with a bundle of birches.

Bill Ward OTK Spanking

M/f over the knee hand spanking cartoon by BDSM favorite Bill Ward.

Spanking Skirt

Do you know anybody who wears special punishment and discipline dress or any sort of clothing?

Hitlerean Spanking

Adolph Hitler spanking a young woman's naked butt. (Maledom, OTK, Nazisploitation)

Fontana's Spanking Art

Vintage F/f spanking illustrations by Fontana.

Two at a Time

Two girls tied together on a whipping posted being whipped at the same time.

Public Punishment

Young woman being disciplined - caned - while an auditorium of full of people watch.

Two at Once

A woman whipping two other women who are bound together back-to-back.

OTK Hand Spanking

Man takes girl over his lap and spanks her. Zack Mosley art.

Where Young Women Are Disciplined

Young women being punished with birch spankings.

At the Mercy of Sadistic Boys

Two young men seems ecstatic with sadistic glee at the cruel way the young woman has been punished.

Decorous Birching

Young woman punished with OTK birch spanking.

Gym Discipline & Punishment

Vintage BDSM photograph of a young woman being whipped while she exercises in the gym.

Spanked Over His Knee

The man takes the woman over his lap, pulls down her panties and ...

Chéri Hérouard's Flagellation Art

Women being whipped, flogged, birched, spanked: drawings by Chéri Hérouard under the pseudonym Herric.

More Chéri Hérouard Spanking Art

Pretty and pleasing consensual erotic spanking art by French artist Chéri Hérouard.

Vintage Corporal Punishments

Vintage BDSM photographs of young women being flogged, caned and whipped. #spanking

Double Cunnilingus Whipping

Man with cane beats woman who is atop second female as each performs oral sex. Preposterous punishment position?

Spanked Between His Legs

Woman birched by man who has her head locked between his legs at crotch level. A bit cumbersome don't you think?

Robotic Spanking

Bound, naked young woman being whipped by a robot.

Monsieur Paulette Spanks

Louis Malteste over her knee early 20th century spanking art.

Bedtime Spanking

Young woman kneeling in bed being whipped with a long cane.

Girl Punished by Heaven and Hell

Pretty young woman being whipped by both a demon and angel. What did she do to deserve this?

Suspension Bondage Corporal Punishment

Birch whipping, cat o' nine tails, flagellation while upside down.

Pianistic Flagellation

Pretty girls spanked as a piano plays. Are their buttocks the rhythm section? Do you practice musical BDSM?

Bill Ward Spanking Cartoon

Cheerful OTK hand spanking from the early part of Bill Ward's gag cartooning years.

Vintage Hand Spankings

Vintage photographs of women spanking other women. OTK, Over-the-Lap Discipline.

Miss Spanked by Mistress

Vintage BDSM photograph of a women punishing a girl who must have misbehaved.

Spank Your Saddle

The position in which a woman horse rider is inflicting corporal punishment on a younger female is easier seen than described.

Spanker's Selection

So many pretty butts from which you may select one or more subjects to be disciplined.

Beach Spanking

Misbehaving young miss is spanked in public at the beach as others watch.

Sadist's Bookplate

Bookplate for spankers who collect books shows a young woman being whipped while bound to a large book.


Sound a woman makes when a man whips her with his belt. (The belt says: CIAF.)

Red Welts Across Her Butt

A spanker admire the visible signs of her work: red marks across the spanked girl's buttocks.

Over the Lap Hand Spanking

Why is it such a kinky thrill for a maid to inflict corporal punishment, domestic discipline?

Cat o' Nine Tails

A standing woman whipping a naked, kneeling, bound girl.

Her Buttocks, His Whip

Illustrating the happy pleasure of flogging a beautiful woman's butt.

Spanked in the River

Fisherman gives woman who had been fishing an OTK spanking in the middle of the river as the water flows by.

Flirtatious Girlfriend Spanked by Annoyed Boyfriend

Angry man punishing girlfriend for excessive flirtation with other men.

Spanked Ladies

Spanked Ladies: spanking 'zine that coyly bills itself as The Magazine of Red Female Rumps.

Spankers Anonymous

Spankers Anonymous : A Documentary Casebook by Doctor Gerda Mundinger .

Valentine's Day Spanking

Naughty girls punished on romantic holiday by birch carrying Krampus.

Kiss the Whip

Marquis de Sade whipping a bound naked woman.

Legalize Wife Spanking

Domestic discipline to be on a future Tea Party agenda? Do conservative Republicans spank their wives more? Less?

George Jackson Churchward's Spanking Art

Girls being disciplined and punished by older women drawn by George Jackson Churchward.

Woodland Spanking

Deep in a forest or the woods a man takes a switch to a young woman's buttocks.

Bad Girls Get Spanked

Bad girls get whipped, flogged, birched, beaten and spanked.

Belt Spanking

Exceptionally pretty drawing of a young woman being beaten while tied to a tree.

Flogging in the Stocks

Man punishes woman locked in stocks. 18th Century?

His Paddle

Man disciplines his female slave / pet while woman and child watch.

Winter Wonderland Spanking

Some snowman - could it be Frosty himself - seems to be pursuing a girl that he want to punish.

The Masked Spankers

Vintage BDSM spanking book: The Masked Spankers by Jack Warren.

Spanking Monk

Edifying, medieval - not twisted - monastic flagellation.

Pretty Girl Spanked

Vintage OTK hand spanking illustration.

More French Spanking Art

images of hand spanking and flagellation.

Humiliations Chéries

A sequence of French spanking erotic drawings of young women being punished.

Luc Lafnet: M / f Corporal Punishment

A few maledom spanking, whipping drawings.

Getting Her Spanking

Man whips girl with belt holding her over his knee sitting on the bed.

Interracial Spanking

Black Studs White Girls: Little White Girls in Bondage - kinky paperback cover art.

Krampus Spanks Red Head

German Krampus demon spanks pretty red-headed woman while she plays chess ... !

Secret of a Happy Marriage

17th century German woodcut showing a man (husband) spanking a woman (wife).

Krampus Spanking

Krampus: Germanic demon that inflicts corporal punishment, birchings.

Red Cheeks Bonanza

Consensual erotic spanking magazine - Red Cheeks Bonanza.

Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv

#Spanking, flagellation magazine published by Dr.Ernst Schertel in 1930s Germany - Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv.

Bill Ward Spanking

Man takes a maid over his knee and spanks her. Cartoon by Bill Ward.

Bent Over the Piano Spanking

Slant Magazine cover: Lance seems to be a man who fights crime while spanking women.

Red Butts

Red Butts magazine cover shows a man spanking a woman's buttocks until they are red.

Janus Spanking

Man gives naughty young woman a hand spanking in an issue of Janus a spankophile magazine.

Older Man Spanking

Man spanks younger woman in library or office.

M/f Spanking Drawing

Illustration of a male punishing a female with a spanking session.

Girl Spanking Girl

Vintage lesbian femdom: women punishing,. spanking, whipping other women.

Elizabeth Taylor Spanked

Young Ladies' Need Discipline

Two young women held after school for some much needed punishment.

Mickey Rooney Spanking

Actor Mickey Rooney spanking a young actress.

Corporal (Punishment) Dreams

Corporal Dreams: a magazine devoted to spanking and corporal punishment fetishists.

Love Hurts

A man may spank a woman to show how much he loves her.

History of Flogging

History of corporal punishment.

Female Corporal Punishment

Female Corporal Punishment, Discipline.

Shadow of His Whip

A beautiful girl about to get a whipping.

Do You Spank Your Wife (or Girlfriend)?

Should males spank females as a form of punishment, correction or domestic discipline?

Unknown Movie Spanking

Movie still: man gives nude woman over-the-knee hand spanking.

She Needs to be Spanked

Woman says she needs to be spanked all the time.

Spanking Photograph

Man gives a beautiful woman an OTK hand spanking.

Spanker's Bookplate

For the spankophile bibliophile: bookplate with a drawing of girl being whipped.

Spanking Painting

Modernist hand spanking painting.

Viking Spanking

A viking warrior inflicts an over-the-knee hand spanking on a naked girl.

Should You Whip Your Wife?

He, the magazine for men asks: should you spank your spouse? Do you need to visit a prostitute?

Spanking Ritual

Weird, lurid, mysterious looking spanker wearing a mask and a dark leather costume.

Vintage M/f Spanking

Man (husband?) spanks woman (wife?) - over the knee, with hand probably from some movie.

World's Bestselling Spanking Monthly

Swish! - magazine for consensual erotic spanking fetishists.

Healthy Spanking

Man spanks a woman in a gym as a form of exercise.

Hep Cat Spanking

1950s beatnik couple OTK spanking on the hood of a car.

Hard Boiled Detective Spanks a Blonde

Private dective spanks a blond woman on the cover of a Shell Scott mystery fiction mass market paperback.

Spanked Shoplifter

Young woman disciplined with a whipping for committing the misdemeanor crime of stealing from a store.

Antique F/f Hand Spanking

Naked Female spanking another naked female with her hand.

Surrealistic Beating

Woman punished with a cane by a strange entity in a drawing by Surrealist artist Max Ernst.


Blond young woman disciplines and punishes another girl by giving her a spanking.

Marie Gets Spanked

A bad girl - Marie - gets punished for misbehavior at St. Lucille's High School for Girls.

Spanking Novel

Spanking book cover art by Gene Eneg Bilbrew.

Lise Fessée

More Louis Malteste spanking art in Lise Fessée.

Invisible Spanker

Unseen man has used a rod or crop or switch to spank a sore and kneeling woman.

Wonderland Spanking

Giant rag doll gives Alice of Wonderland fame an over-the-knee spanking. (Ziff-Davis comic book cover.)

Devilish Spanking

Satanic punishment - over the knee hand spanking by the Devil himself.

Spanking Tab Hunter

Woman - an actress - spanking a male - hunk actor Tab Hunter.

Les Malheurs de Colette

The Misfortunes of Colette by Aime Van Rod: over the knee and on the floor whipping and spanking at the hand of a stern Mistress.

Worst Spanking Book Cover Ever

Pretty bad.

Spankings and Whippings

Stills from a spanking fetish film, title unknown by me. Who was the Spider Leather Man?

Parisiennes Flagellées

Eatly 20th century Male / female corporal punishment fiction and art.

Over His Knee - Hand Spanking

Shaft comic book cover: man spanks a woman he has on his lap.

Identical Twin Spanking

One young woman gives her twin sister an over-the-knee hand spanking.

Chair Cruelle

French book cover with a man giving a woman he has over his lap a hand spanking.

Carlo (F/f Kink)

Artist, at times a bit peculiar and lurid, of female on female S&M and D/s.

Louis Malteste

French illustrator best known for his scenes of domestic discipline and spanking of young women.

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