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Spank Your Girlfriend! Spank Her Today!

Gallery of vintage B&W spanking photographs. M/f and F/f photos.

Vintage M/f and F/f Spanking Photographs

Another small gallery of women being spanked by men and other women.

Female Spanking Photographs

Collection of naughty young women experiencing corporal punishment.

Dozen Spanked Butts

12 black & white photographs of women being spanked in various manners.

Spankophile Miscellany

Heaping gallimaufry of women getting their butts spanked. B&W photographs.

Long Spanking Story

52 photograph M/f spanking story. The Ritual of Conjunction from Janus.

Girls Under the Whip

Girls Under the Whip: vintage spanking and bondage magazine cover (photographs).

Flaming Bottoms

Flaming Bottoms a vivid spanking photograph magazine.

Shoe Spanking Photographs

Vintage photographs of women being spanked with shoes and slippers.

Hairbrush Spanking Photographs

Vintage photo of women being spanked with brushes.

Legs in the Air Spanking

Woman spanked while on her back with her legs lifted up in the air to afford easier targets.

Dark Bedroom Spanking

Photograph of a kneeling woman being spanked by a man sitting on a bed.

Summer Vacation Spanking

Photo: man spanks woman sitting on back of car. Might be a July 4th picnic or camping trip.

Female Spanks Female

Vintage on the couch F/f hand spanking photographs.

Sexological Spanking

Sex research: her breasts swell as he brings his relentless hand down on her jiggling buns.

Sting of His Cane

Close of of a woman's buttocks being caned. Vintage spanking photograph.

This Nun Doesn't Spare the Rod

Nun punishing naughty Catholic young women. Vintage spanking photograph.

Birch Whipping

Woman spanked with a thick bundle or birches. Vintage spanking photograph.

Disciplined on the Couch

Vintage Over-the-Lap Couch Spanking Photograph

Wrestling Hold Paddling

Awkward looking but entertaining Girl / girl vintage paddle spanking photograph.

Her Panties Down to Her Knees

Hairbrush and hand - vintage over the lap spanking photographs.

Vintage Birthday Spanking

Vintage photograph of a young woman being spanked by her friends.

Domestic Discipline Hand Spanking

Early, very vintage hand spanking photograph. Why the white bowl? What does it mean?

His Handprint

M/f corporal punishment causes image of man's hand to appear on spanked girl's butt.

Nurse Spanking

Nurse spanks woman over her knee. Vintage medical spanking photograph.

His Hand Slaps Again & Again

Young man spanks young blonde woman. Vintage spanking photograph.

Summer Dress Spanking

I feel this vintage spanking photograph more enjoyable than most. The mysteries of erotic taste.

Over the Couch Spanking

Man spanks woman bent over couch. Vintage spanking photograph.

Spanked With a Switch

Switches were the corporal punishment instrument of choice when I was a boy in Savannah, Georgia.

High Chair Discipline

Young woman bent over a tall chair and spanked. Vintage spanking photograph.

Zebra Stripe Spanking

Young woman spanked on a big zebra-striped couch.

Forceful Spanking

Vintage OTK M/f hand spanking on a couch.

Spanking with Eyeglasses

Spank spanks woman. Each wear eyeglasses. Vintage spanking photograph.

Corner Time

Vintage domestic discipline: man orders girlfriend (wife?) to stand in the corner after her spanking.

Slap of the Strap

Woman's butt spanked with a leather strap. Vintage spanking photograph.

Mad Scientist Spanking

I don't know what the man spanking a woman is. An odd but charming spanking photograph.

Spanked On the Grass

Woman spanks another female in a yard or park.

Two Naked Butts, One Hairbrush

Man spanks two young women at the same time. Vintage hairbrush spanking photograph.

Hold Her Hair While You Spank Her

Over the lap hand spanking. Vintage F/f spanking photograph.

This Spanking Hurts

Grainy vintage spanking photograph: the young woman being punished doesn't look bored or amused.

Young Woman Spanks Older Female

Vintage spanking photograph that reverses the normal order of spanking.

Pretty White Spanking

Pleasing and lightly sexy vintage F/f spanking photograph.

Vintage Girls in Lingerie Spanking

Topless young woman in panties and stockings spanks another scantily clad girl.

His Heavy Strap

Stark and convincing vintage black and white photograph.

Canes and Butts

Six vintage photographs of young women being whipped with canes.

Naked Girl Spanking

Man severely spanks a nude young woman. Vintage spanking photograph.

Over the Desk Spanking

Vintage naked butt paddling photograph.

School Desk Spanking

Young woman receiving corporal punishment while bent over her school desk. Vintage photograph.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Two short corporal punishment sequences. Vintage spanking photographs.

Dining Room Spanking

Young woman being spanked in the dining room. Vintage spanking photograph.

Spanking Maids

Why are female domestic servants such popular targets of corporal punishment? Spanking photographs.

Two Handspankings

Two vintage photographs of men spanking women.

Sleazy Spanking

Slightly sleazy spanking photograph.

Ottoman Spanking

Man spanks woman bent over an ottoman with a cane. Vintage color spanking photograph.

He Takes a Strong Hand With Her

Vintage hand spanking photograph.

Young Spanking Couple

Young man spanks a young woman. Rather nice vintage spanking photograph.

Belt on Her Buttocks

Vintage M/f OTK naked butt belt spanking.

Birch Beating

Vintage photograph of a young woman being spanked with some birches.

Headmaster Spanks Naughty Girl

How can educators find time to teach if they spend so much time punishing disobedient students? Vintage spanking photograph.

Tawse Spanking

Photograph of one woman spanking another with a tawse.

Taking Off Her Panties

Man takes off lingerie of young woman before spanking her.

Firm Hand Spanking

Man spanks woman over his lap. Vintage spanking photograph.

Vintage Whipping

Vintage photograph of a woman being punished with a whip.

Groom Spanks Bride

Husband and wife start married life with a spanking? Vintage spanking photograph.

Whipped with a Strap

Spanked with a strap. Belt? Inner tube? How does she maintain her position over the chair? Vintage spanking photograph.

Living Room Spanking

Young woman being punished with a switch. Vintage spanking photograph.

Pulling Up Her Skirt

Man in preparatory stage before he begins to spank a woman. Vintage spanking photograph.

Legs in the Air Spanking

Woman's legs are held up in the air while she's spanked with a cane. Vintage spanking photograph.

Black Shirt Spanking

Man wearing black shirt gives a young woman over his lap a hand spanking. Vintage photograph.

Black Hairbrush Spanking

Vintage over-the-knee hair brush spanking photograph.

Woman Gagged and Paddled

She's gagged, bent over an Ottoman and spanked with a paddle. Vintage spanking photograph.

Young Spankers

The Young Spankers: vintage book of spanking photographs.

Satanic Spanking?

Devil worship cult spanking party or silly people in costumes?

That Tawse Stings

Man whips woman's unprotected buttocks with a leather tawse. Vintage spanking photograph.

Stern Spanking

No nonsense over the lap hand spanking. Vintage photograph.

Upskirt Spanking

Young woman's skirt lifted so she might better feel the sting of the cane. Vintage spanking photograph.

The Hand That Spanks

Vintage photograph of a woman's hand spanking.

Disciplinary Spanking

Man spanks woman on the couch. Vintage M/f spanking photograph.

Classic OTK Spanking

Over the Knee hand spanking. Vintage M/f photograph.

Another White Stockings Spanking

Woman wearing white stockings, heels whipped with a cane. Vintage M/f spanking photograph.

Spanked in White Stockings

Woman wearing white stockings, heels whipped with a dog leash. Vintage M/f spanking photograph.

Sexy Tawse Spanking

Vintage color girl in stockings, lingerie being whipped with a tawse.

Severe Belt Strapping

Woman forcibly whipped by a man using his belt.

Two Girls Spanking

Two young women: OTK hand spanking on the couch. Vintage photograph. Miniskirts, perhaps 1960s.

Spanked by Her Doctor

Woman in doctor's office receives therapeutic, medicinal cane spanking.

His Wide Leather Belt

Man with a heavy leather belt has a young woman in position for a very severe spanking.

Black Glove Spanking

Vintage color photograph OTK F/f spanking woman wearing fishnet stockings, blue dress and black gloves.

His Cane, Her Naked Butt

M//f OTK cane spanking vintage photograph.

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