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Women in Bondage: Vintage Photographs

Photographs of women tied up and bound in various confining ways. Color and b&w pictures.

Bondage at Gunpoint

Woman uses a pistol to force another woman into chains and ropes. Colorful vintage bondage photograph.

Ladder Bondage

Nude woman in rope bondage, ladder. Photo cover of Slave Auction magazine.

More Photos of Girls in Bondage

Another small gallery of women tied up with rope, bound, gagged and helpless.

Photo Gallery: Women in Bondage

Vintage bondage photographs collection. Links to earlier, similar bondage galleries.

Devil Girl in Bondage

Vintage bondage photograph of a model wearing an unusual mask.

Masked Woman in Bondage

Vintage bondage model photograph on her knees and held by a leash.

Helpless Women in Bondage

Gallery of women bound and at the mercy of sadistic men and women.

Vintage Pictures of Women in Bondage

Gallery of vintage bondage photographs. Links to prior galleries of women in bondage photos.

Pictures of Women in Bondage

Vintage female bondage gallery with links to prior bondage photograph collections.

Woman Bent Over Table

Woman bound and in position to be spanked.

Armbinders an Muzzle

F/f bondage: woman binds another with armbinders and a muzzle on her face. Vintage photograph.

Vintage Color Bondage Photographs

Vintage color pictures of women bound by rope and chain.

Japanese Women in Bondage (Photographs)

Vintage bondage photographs of Japanese women tied up and bound.

Vintage Bondage Photographs - 3

Another twelve picture gallery of old bondage photographs, mostly 1950s.

Vintage Bondage Photographs - 2

More early images of women tied up and in various sorts of bondage.

Vintage Bondage Photographs

Pictures of women in bondage, some Japanese photos.

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