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Girls Getting Spanked: Vintage Photographs

Small gallery of vintage B&W M/f and F/f spanking photographs.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Vintage Female / female and Male / female spanking photographs.

Spanking Photos: A Baker's Dozen

Baker's dozen vintage, black and white photographs of women being spanked.

Dozen Spanked Women

Small gallery of women being spanked. 12 vintage photographs.

Santa Claus Spanks a Bad Girl

Santa Claus takes a sexy but naughty young woman over his knee for a spanking.

Spank a Girl and Make Her Cry

Small gallery of vintage black and white spanking photographs.

B&W Spanking Photographs

Small gallery of vintage pictures of women being spanked in various ways and positions.

Over the Knee

Small gallery of vintage V&W OTK hand spanking photographs.

Women Being Spanked II

A doxen photographs of women, sometimes bound enduring various forms of corporal punishment.

Spanked With Canes & Other Hard Things

Vintage photographs of young women spanked with canes, paddles, rulers, etc.

Painful Strips of Leather

Girls being spanked with a tawse - vintage photographs.

More M/f Belt Spanking Photographs

Small spanking photograph gallery - photos of men punishing women with black leather betls.

Men Spanking Women with Canes

Photo gallery of vintage photographs of M/f corporal punishment caning.

Belt Spanking Photographs

M/f and F/f belt and strap spanking photographs.

Vintage M/f Hand Spanking Collection

Vintage photographs of men spanking women with their hands. Small gallery.

Under His Knee Spanking

Vintage photograph of a man spanking a woman he has trapped under his leg.

Masked Spanker Spanking

Vintage photograph of a woman being spanked by a masked Mistress. OTK, hand spanking.

Women Being Caned

Several photographs of women's buttocks being spanked by men with canes, vintage caning.

Disicplinary Birching

Stern disciplinarian birches in hand and woman kneeling on the floor awaiting her corporal punishment.

Spanked in a Garden

Vintage spanking picture set in a private garden.

F/f Couch Spanking

One young woman spanks another who is stretched out on the couch. Vintage spanking photograph.

Spanking Box

Confined but open device for containing the spankee during corporal punishment. Vintage spanking photograph.

Women Being Spanked

Pictures of women being spanked by men and other women. Hand spankings, mostly OTK.

Hands That Spank

Vintage M/f and F/f hand spanking photographs.

Canes and Women

Vintage corporal punishment photographs: women being spanked with canes.

Birch Spanking

Vintage photograph: woman strapped to a bench being whipped with birches.

Spanking Two Girls With One Belt

Two girls lie side by side on their stomach while a third whips them with a long belt.

Spanking Close-Ups

Close-up vintage spanking photographs.

Girl Spanks Girl

Vintage sexy F/f spanking photograph.

Big Hand, Small Butt

Man with big hands spanks young woman. Vintage spanking photograph.

Touch the Floor Spanking

Young woman being punished bent all the way over, her fingers touching the floor.

Vintage F/f Spanking

Vintage OTK Female/female hand spanking photograph.

Latex Dress Spanking

A woman punishes a second women wearing a tight latex dress. Vintage spanking photograph.

Man Spanks Two at Once

Man uses a cane on the naked butts of two women at one blow. Vintage spanking photograph.

High Heels & Belt Whipping

Entertainingly sleazy spanking photograph of one woman spanking another, naked but for their high heel shoes.

Knee in the Back Spanking

Spanker uses knee to keep spankee in her place. Vintage spanking photograph.

Women Over Men's Knees

Several M/f OTK hand spanking photos. Vintage spanking photographs.

Tight Jeans Spanking

Vintage spanking photograph of a woman being spanked through her blue jeans.

Naughty Girl's Spanking

F/f over the lap, on the couch vintage hand spanking photograph.

Platform Boots Spanking

Early 1970s M/f OTK hand spanking photograph.

Ouch! That Smarts!

Photograph of on-the-bed hand spanking.

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